Step 4: Mount The Ring

Picture of Mount The Ring
Find a socket bit just barely smaller then the ring. Press the ring on the socket. I improvised with a brass fitting

After you press the ring on the socket (or brass fitting), use a nut and bolt and secure it through the female end. The protruding end of the bolt will be used for mounting in the drill press. Mount the assembly in the drill press and spin it round. Use a 80 grit to shape it. You will shape the bottom side first.

Now you have to start being careful not to mar the ring. Use a piece of wood to tap the ring on and off the mount.

With the assembly spinning in the drill press, use progressively finner sand paper to make the ring it's final shape. I start with 80 grit, then 400, then 2000. Spray the 400 and 2000 grit sand paper with water. This prevents the sand paper from getting clogged with metal particles. Again, this gets HOT! And don't breathe the metal dust.

Flip the ring as needed. Use polishing compound to buff it to a shine.