Five Guitar Wall Hanger


Introduction: Five Guitar Wall Hanger

About: I'm a student in high school, and I love to create things when I can gather the money and attention. xD

Here is a wall hanger I made for my guitars. Unfortunately, I had very limited tools, and had to cut and assemble it all by hand.

      First, I measured the length of wall I was able to use for the hanger. This came out to 64 inches. Then, I went to the local Home Depot, and picked some nice Poplar wood. The main plank that was screwed into the wall studs was 1/2 inch thick, and 5 1/2 inch wide. I was originally going to use tool hangers, but then I decided that it would be nicer to use another smaller plank of poplar running across to hold them.  This was 64 inches long, 3/4 thick, and 1 1/2 inch wide.
     I picked up some cherry stain, a pack of ten 2 inch screws, another pack of ten 2 1/2 inch screws, a hand saw, a brush, and a stud finder, plus the lumber of course.
     When I got home, I found where the studs were, and marked them on the wall. I measured the space each guitar would need, and cut the smaller piece of wood into one 3 1/2 inch piece, four 11 3/4 inch pieces, and one 4 3/4 piece. These would be attached in a way that there would be a 2 inch space between each piece, which is ample room for the guitars. I then took all these pieces, plus the base board outside, and stained them with the cherry stain.
     After letting them sit for 15 minutes, I cleaned them off and brought them in for assembly. I measured the halfway point of the base board, and matched it with the halfway point of the first small piece. I screwed both of the end pieces with one screw in the middle, and the four other pieces with two screws, each screw being 4 inches from the end of each piece.
     After screwing on the pieces, I then brought the assembled hanger to the wall, and marked where the holes for the stud screws were. I screwed the hanger to the wall, and then hung my guitars up and admired my handiwork.
    This is my entry into the Woodworking Challenge, if you liked it, please vote for it! The table saw would be very helpful for many projects I've planned, but don't have the (tool) muscle for.



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    Why are most of the guitars (the Strat behing the only exception) hung face-toward wall?

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    Well, when I bought the wood, I completely forgot about angled headstocks and acoustic bodies, and didn't account for the extra distance they needed to be from the wall. So, when I put it together, I just flipped them around to fit the hanger. Next time I build one, I'm gonna account for the headstock and bodies.

    In hindsight, I'm kinda glad I accidentally did that, because I'd much rather have the back of the guitar get scratched or hit than the front, excluding the squier, since it already has a bunch of dings in the front.

    You should see my squier. Its beat to hell. I have mostly cheap guitars, so I just keep them out. I have a $330 Takamine, soI just keep it in its case. If I scrathed that.....

    Haha, yeah, I gotcha. The only guitar worth much is the far left acoustic, and I usually keep that in the case.

    What guiar is it?

    Yamaha APX500. Like I said, it's the only guitar worth much. xD

    Yeah. Im not sure why once you have one guitar, you need more.