Picture of Five Ideas for Upcycling Pringles Can
I don't know about you, but there's nothing that  goes better with a hot dog better than Pringles and a bottle of root beer. Ok, now on to the topic. What to do with the Pringles Can when it's empty.

Here's just a few ideas...

Step 1: #1 Turn it into a vase for dried flowers

Picture of #1 Turn it into a vase for dried flowers
I really Like Dia de los Muertos. I've collected pieces over the years from all over. I wanted something to put my dried roses into that would work also in my collection. I thought of decorating an empty Pringles can that I was eating out of at the time. The ideas grew from there. You don't have to use a Pringles can, maybe your a tennis player & have empty canisters  from the tennis balls. The possiblities of repurposing something is limitless, so use your imagination. Today though, we are using a Pringles can

- Paint Pringles Can any colour you want.
- Allow to dry before applying each coat
- Use printed out pictures from the internet or paint free hand

*Nevermind the pumpkins, they are just background
ToadMib2 years ago
I want to do that with legos...
straycatmeow (author)  ToadMib2 years ago
It would fit soo many legos, also a great idea for storing legos too. I find them everywhere in my house
bigmark2 years ago
Great ideas!!! I still have 2 old cans in my shed with roller blade wheels in them...
This is a really great idea. I'm going to be painting one, and using it as a piggy bank. ^__^ Thank you.
straycatmeow (author)  ChloeyLovesLlamas3 years ago
I would LOVE to see that!
:D Okay, here is what I have so far (there's more on the bac, but don't want to take a picture of it yet)! (:

straycatmeow (author)  ChloeyLovesLlamas3 years ago
Its really cool, it's an amazing job. I can't wait to see the back. The Adventure Time shoes were really cool too.
Awwh. (: Thank you. ^__^
Eacon3 years ago
This is actually great since you can stuff the yarn together very tightly. Also your yarn will smell like pringles - Win!
straycatmeow (author)  Eacon3 years ago
LOL, I usually wash the can first. You can also cut a little whole in the top and use it that way to keep your yarn tanlged free & out of the way while you're working on the project
that's a good idea with the yarn! (:

And sure thing! I'm painting my favorite character from my favorite show on it (Adventure Time) and I just started tonigh. (:
straycatmeow (author)  ChloeyLovesLlamas3 years ago
I love that show, I really really want to see it now.