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Introduction: Five Minute Bottle Holster

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Do you tire of using your hands to haul around clunky, inconvenient bottles of liquids? Then fret no more, for you will soon be a fretless water player with the awesome Five Minute Bottle Holster.

Step 1: I Am a Poet. I Eat Lions.

This is really simple. You need a set of clips (you can salvage these off of a dead backpack, get them from the fabric store, find them lying around your kite loft, whatever.) You will also need about ten inches of nylon strap to go between them, an O ring just big enough to fit around the neck of your favorite drink bottle (or you can make your own by cutting down a large O ring and resealing it with superglue.)

Step 2: Capture the O Ring

Run the nylon through one of your clips, fold it over onto your O ring, and sew.

Step 3: Repeat Ad Lib.

Run another piece of nylon through the other clip, and sew to make a loop that will string onto your belt. If you want to get fancy, you can heat the cut ends of the nylon to prevent them from fraying.

Step 4: You Are Now Done

Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Run a lopsided marithon, or use your hands for more things than you ever thought possible while carrying a bottle. Take a load off.



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    But I really like this idea... it's practical, and easy... What keeps the bottle from falling out of the ring? ... are these single-use?

    1 reply

    O rings are slightly stretchy, so ideally you can just barely fit it around the neck of your bottle. It will stay on fairly failthfully, but you can still get it off when the bottle's finished.

    I guess it was just sitting there... waiting to be said...

    nice one boftem ;)

    For years I have been doing the same job with a short length of nylon cord. Make a loop to slip over the bottle neck and put a large knot in the other end - The knot slips under your belt to provide an easy access and quick release fixing. Good pictures.

    3 replies

    Cool. Knots like those could give my jugs the freedom and support that they need.

    Thanks. A monkey's paw at the end of a rope with a slip loop would be awesome. That's a great idea.

    I am all about DYI and have done similar things with rope and even made a two "gun" leather holster for twelve ounce cans but they sell something very similar in walmart with a carabiner for under two bucks.Either one would work great, and you did a great job on your instructable,just thought I would throw some of the lazy dogs like myself a bone.

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    I've had the carabiner ones, but never took a shine to them for some reason. Thanks for the kind words. Any chance you'd do an instructable on that can holster?