Five Minute Stress Balls




Introduction: Five Minute Stress Balls

Unfortunately, stress is a part of our daily lives. These stress balls will help relieve stress and they are so quick and easy to make that you won´t stress over it. We decided to make a stress balls instructable, because we thought it would be fun to find a simple and easy way to make stress balls, so we could make them any time of day.

You Will Need:
1 balloon, Flour, 1 plastic water bottle or funnel, and a tool you can poke with

Step 1: Pour Flour Into Funnel

Put the flour in the bottle or funnel. Do this over a sink if possible.

Step 2: Pour Flour Into Balloon

Put the flour in the balloon by attatching the end of the balloon around the cap or funnel end. Use something to poke the flour down.

Step 3: Tie Balloon

Tie the end of the balloon so no flour can escape.

Step 4: Finished Product



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Blow up first to stretch it out



Its so amazing lolol

Those are a lot of fun to play with, that's a great easy way to make them :)