Five Night at Freddy's Foxy Costume




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Introduction: Five Night at Freddy's Foxy Costume

My Son loves the Five Night At Freddy's video game, if you have not played it you should before halloween.

We made this out of 1/2" Foam, Hot Glue, Scissors and House Paint.

He was a big hit at the Boy Scout Halloween Party, I cannot wait until Friday.

I hope to get some instructions out soon.



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Am I missing the steps? I can't find them- i just see a few photos. Would love any help- my son is dying for us to make Foxy!!

I Wish u can have foxythepireth costum

can you put some instruction plz, i really want to do one by my own because it's really nice, great jod

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No time to do it, sorry next time I should video tape while we do it.

Where will I find directions my grandson wants this outfit bad

Where do I find instructions

What color of house paint did you use for this project?

I'm trying to make it following your instr

nice job I should try this

How many yards of foam did you need for this?

Thank you so much for the tips. We've been looking online and NO ONE, gave any useful info on what they did. It looks great!

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I got the Foam at Joann's Fabrics, It is standard appolstry foam

nice job on the costume. what you use to make head chicken wire and paper mache?

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