My Son loves the Five Night At Freddy's video game, if you have not played it you should before halloween.

We made this out of 1/2" Foam, Hot Glue, Scissors and House Paint.

He was a big hit at the Boy Scout Halloween Party, I cannot wait until Friday.

I hope to get some instructions out soon.

<p>Your instructable inspired me to do my own costume! I decided to do Freddy instead though.</p>
Thanks, you did a great a<br>job. That Rock!
<p>Am I missing the steps? I can't find them- i just see a few photos. Would love any help- my son is dying for us to make Foxy!!</p>
I Wish u can have foxythepireth costum
<p>can you put some instruction plz, i really want to do one by my own because it's really nice, great jod</p>
No time to do it, sorry next time I should video tape while we do it.
Where will I find directions my grandson wants this outfit bad<br>
Where do I find instructions
<p>What color of house paint did you use for this project? </p>
<p>I'm trying to make it following your instr</p>
<p>nice job I should try this</p>
<p>How many yards of foam did you need for this?</p>
<p>Thank you so much for the tips. We've been looking online and NO ONE, gave any useful info on what they did. It looks great!</p>
Where do you buy the foam?
A fabric store
<p>I got the Foam at Joann's Fabrics, It is standard appolstry foam</p>
<p>nice job on the costume. what you use to make head chicken wire and paper mache?</p>
That is really cool and is it really Foxy the fox
<p>yes it is.</p>
<p>Just found out no ones been able to see the vid of my costume Ghost rider on fire driving into parking lot . It should show up on my instructables but ppl have had trouble. Tell me what you think <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZySf9iTBc_o" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZySf9iTBc_o</a></p>
<p>awesome! Five nights at freddys 2 is coming out!</p>
You can buy this on ebay
<p>This is definitely screaming for full, step-by-step instructions! Please add some steps and details. I would love to see how this costume was made. </p>

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