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Introduction: Five Nights at Freddy's Costumes!

7 years later and finally published another homemade costume/s! Almost every year I make my kids costumes.I try to get them to agree to a theme each year. This year they wanted their fave scary characters from the popular video game Five Nights at Freddy's. All costume parts are sewn and handmade. The eyes and other parts of the costumes lights up when switch on. Characters (Foxy, Nightmare Cupcake and Chica)


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Hi, do you have any instructions?

I wish I have the patience to do a step by step tutorial but I can't. Tell you the truth I made all my kids costume just like sculpting. Just have a picture for inspiration and let myself create it. Dont even have measurements. I sometimes grab their clothes for that to recreate the size and transfer it to what i'm making at that time. The head piece is like I said is like sculpting clay. I used a thin bucket inside as a frame and shape it at the neck and cut out eyeholes. It might be somr sharp edges afterwards but i just tucked in the batting and fabric around those edges. Used glue sticks. Shaped and add batting underneath the fabric as i go (to get the shape that I like for the face). Teeth is a white foam board.