Introduction: Five Nights at Freddy's Face

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Step 1: Sketch It Out

Picture of Sketch It Out

taking a white eyeliner pencil I sketched out my design.

Step 2: Base

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taking 3 different shades of brown I used a sponge and ripped little holes into it the dotted it on my skin randomly for a hair like texture.

Step 3: Outlined and Fill

Picture of Outlined and Fill

taking a dark brown I outlined everything, then I took black and filled in my nose and eyebrows.. then I outlined the eyes. I also added three little dots on both sides of the mouth.

Step 4:

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taking white I filled in the teeth, taking black I filled in the mouth.

Step 5: Highlight

Picture of Highlight

taking a little white on the sponge I added highlights to the muzzle and forehead.

Step 6: Shadows

Picture of Shadows

taking a matte black eyeshadow I added shadows to the teeth, muzzle, eye brows, ect.

Step 7: Eyes

Picture of Eyes

taking a white jumbo eye pencil I filled in the eyes, taking a bright blue shadow I placed that in the center, then I used light blue from the metallic pallet to outline, took a little dark blue and placed it on one side, then used black for the pupils.

Step 8: Ears

Picture of Ears

added home made ears

Step 9: Body

Picture of Body

do the same thing for the fur, then add a bowtie using a eye pencil to sketch it it, black to fill it in, then used white to add detail, after I used black to texture the fur.


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its cool fr it is

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Good wow? lol

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Yes...good WOW! The make-up is amazing!

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Oh good! Thank you. =D

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