Picture of Five zippo tricks
A third round of new tricks to learn with your zippo. 

By the way the lighter looks a little odd because I can't find my real zippo, this is a very similar bomblighter, which works just fine for demo purposes. 

The original - Basic Zippo Tricks

My second round - Zippo tricks 2

Learn how to reflint and rewick your zippo. 

As always: Video...

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Step 1: Palm squeeze and light

Picture of Palm squeeze and light
Take your Zippo-ing hand, pinch the top corner just above the hinge in between your index and thumb, hinge facing up.

Now your middle finger should push on the top corner of the lighter on the opposite side from the hinge, if you're having trouble take a look at the photos, to make sure you have it right because it's not that easy to explain.

Now push the lighter in with your middle finger allowing it to catch on the webbing of your fingers, with this one pressure isn't the key, it's more about getting a continuing motion.

Now bring your middle finger round and light it.

Flick your wrist back to close the lighter. 

Step 2: Gun

Picture of Gun
This is real simple... 

Hold your hand out, fingers straight. 

Put the zippo in between your thumb and palm. The hinge should be facing down your arm. 

Bring your other hand back across the zippo, palm down, fingers out, the underside of your knuckles should come across the lighter, the front of them knocking it open and the flintwheel hitting somewhere around the middle. 

Flick your wrist forward to close. 

Step 3: Slide it.

Picture of Slide it.
Great for bars and big polished tables. 

Open the zippo and set on the table, use a finger to press on the flintwheel, the further you want it to go the harder you press before letting it roll over. 

Thanks to the windowsill being a bit rough my lighter fell forward.  I also combined black magic or the twilight zone in to the slide.  Because I had noone to slide to. 
CyrulC11 months ago


CyrulC11 months ago


MakerJeff4 years ago
Cool vid. Zippo tricks are fun, but they can be hard on the hinge.
killerjackalope (author)  MakerJeff4 years ago
A lot of them are just fine, anything that puts a twisting motion on it can be pretty rough though...
nerfer1924 years ago
whats up with your chimney? do you have a custom insert cuz the holes dont look like their in the right place. or maybe its a old one and im a nub?
killerjackalope (author)  nerfer1924 years ago
umm did you read the intro? Second line in, had to use a bomblighter, essentially the same because my Zippo has mysteriously disappeared and the other is in a box somewhere...
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
What's up with that black video after 33 seconds? LOL
killerjackalope (author)  Dr. Pepper4 years ago
The video's over. Youtube's just wetting itself for some reason.
Oh, I knew the video was over. Nice tricks by the way!
killerjackalope (author)  Dr. Pepper4 years ago
Thanks pepper...