Introduction: Fivela De Fuxico Tradicional

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O fuxico e' uma aplicacao feita de retalhos. E bem tradicional no Brasil.

Step 1: Retalho

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Quanto menor, mais delicado fica. Este retalho tem 4cm x 4cm.

Step 2: Dobrando

Picture of Dobrando

Dobre no meio e, depois, dobre novamente.

Step 3: Cortando O Circulo

Picture of Cortando O Circulo

Segure o quadrado com as pontas cruas do tecido para baixo e corte como indicado na figura.

O resultado deve ser um circulo.

Step 4: Costurando

Picture of Costurando

Alinhave as bordas do circulo como se fosse franzi-lo.

Step 5: Franzindo

Picture of Franzindo

Va franzindo aos poucos para se certificar de que as bordas estao ficando viradas para fora. Quando terminar, puxe o fio ate o final.

Step 6: Acabamento

Picture of Acabamento

Com dois ou tres fuxicos, voce ja pode cola-los em uma fivela.


retro-redux (author)2007-02-14

even though I don't speak spanish your tutorial was easy to follow:) Kudos on the easy way to cut out the circles:)

manfredpw (author)retro-redux2012-11-10

It's portuguese, not spanish.

karlalopez (author)retro-redux2007-02-14

thanx, retro... what is "kudos"?? :)

jinxbh (author)karlalopez2007-11-10

its congratulations, why? that i dont know

computer_guy (author)jinxbh2012-05-01

kudos can also mean good job.

frankie101 (author)2009-05-26

can anyone traduct this please?

Feamsu (author)2007-12-18

Ve essas imagens e tenta intender povinho preguiçoso xD
Nice comment Karla =)

Williz (author)2007-02-12

Most online translator's are crap.

Jezza Bear (author)Williz2007-03-05


The last two comments you have made in this thread are uneccessary. You don't need to say that when you have the internet at your fingertips. You can use plenty of links such as:

Babel Fish

It is certainly adequate to get an understanding of what is being said. As you send your comment, read the litle link message below the text box "We have a be nice comment policy". Just because the Karla does not speak English it should not stop her posting.

jeffreyf (author)2007-02-12

Those are very pretty. Have you thought of selling the things you make?

karlalopez (author)jeffreyf2007-02-12

Not really. But it would be nice. :)

Williz (author)2007-02-11

Most people here speak english. Try to do a translation please :D

canida (author)Williz2007-02-11

There's a nice group of Spanish and Portuguese Instructables on the site- English isn't required to post on Instructables! It's especially neat to find bilingual Instructables, but again that's not a barrier for entry. This is an inclusive site, and everyone should feel welcome to share their projects! Karla has listed Portuguese in the keywords so you can run the instructions through a translation program, but good photo-documentation transcends language.

hethlee (author)2007-02-11

Cute! I love Yo-yos

Williz (author)2007-02-11

It's alright. I'm here to help :)

karlalopez (author)Williz2007-02-11

i will. i'm just looking for some help right now.

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