The 2006 Jeep Wrangler with the 42RLE 4 speed automatic transmission is known for a problem with the shifter linkage. They used a small plastic bushing to connect the shift arm to the linkage arm on the transmission. This plastic bushing is known to break and/or pop off.

There is a simple fix for this problem. You can replace the plastic bushing and small plastic nipple with a much stronger 3/8 grade 8 bolt. All you need is a wrench and/or ratchet and a drill. Anyone can implement this fix.

You'll need the following...

A drill, a 3/8" 16 1 and 1/2 grade 8 bolt, a 3/8 drill bit, an aircraft (lock) nut, and two 3/8 washers.

Before beginning, place the Jeep in Park, apply the parking brake and chock the wheels.

IMPORTANT: The transmission may potentially change gear during the course of the install, so DO NOT rely on the Park gear to hold the vehicle in place!!

Step 1: The Broken Linkage

This is what the broken linkage looks like. This happened to me on the Rubicon trail, and we bound the linkage with mechanics wire in order to get off the trail.
Great upgrade! I recommend using a low-grade bolt or machining an aluminum or brass bushing because the grade 8 steel threads -will- eventually wear your linkage out. A low-grade bolt will wear and is infinitely cheaper to replace than worn, sloppy linkage. (Which would need bushed, welded, or replaced entirely)<br/><br/>You could also try a longer bolt with a short shoulder (usually about 3" is when they'll start to appear with a shoulder), cut it shorter, and dress the threads with a file. Then you'll have a nice bolt with a shoulder and no threads to wear your linkage out!<br/><br/>Just sayin.
Sweet deal, and I can implement this in other areas of my jeep too!

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