Step 2: Remove Linkage Arm

Locate the linkage arm on the driver side of the transmission, it should be easy to see. Remove the linkage arm by loosening the bolt on the top of the arm where it comes out of the transmission, and pulling straight up. This bolt clamps the linkage arm to the transmission. There is a square nut which sits in a square groove in the linkage arm. If you remove the bolt completely, this square nut may fall out and you'll need to feel around a bit to retrieve it.
Great upgrade! I recommend using a low-grade bolt or machining an aluminum or brass bushing because the grade 8 steel threads -will- eventually wear your linkage out. A low-grade bolt will wear and is infinitely cheaper to replace than worn, sloppy linkage. (Which would need bushed, welded, or replaced entirely)<br/><br/>You could also try a longer bolt with a short shoulder (usually about 3" is when they'll start to appear with a shoulder), cut it shorter, and dress the threads with a file. Then you'll have a nice bolt with a shoulder and no threads to wear your linkage out!<br/><br/>Just sayin.
Sweet deal, and I can implement this in other areas of my jeep too!

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