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A Keurig coffee maker is really neat and efficient method of having your own custom cup of brew, but almost immediately after getting our machine, I could see how the cost of purchasing the K-Cups could add up.   Keurig has designed a reusable filter called the My K-Cup, which is a great idea for all the people out there that would like to continue to use their own favorite brands of coffee.

Unfortunately, for the most part, the My K-Cup does not work all that well.  Many people have experienced the water leaking back out of the top cap, resulting in diluted coffee or a cup with coffee grinds floating around.

I have come up with a simple modification that will completely cure all the problems with the My K-Cup, allowing you to enjoy your own coffee with no messy leakage of water or grinds getting into your cup.  Basically, you need to provide a good seal around the needle as it passes through the hole in the top of the My K-Cup cap.  Hopefully Keurig will eventually incorporate some kind of remodel to their product in the future and we will no longer need to do this, but until then here is a list of the few simple tools and materials you will need to tackle this project.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials:

Picture of Tools & Materials:

·         -Thin gasket material or cork (1/16” or so, don’t use material that is much thicker than this, for it may put undue stress on the machine’s mechanism)

·        - Scissors

·         -Scratch awl or similar tool to pierce the gasket material (I used rubberized felt and the needle of the machine pierced the gasket easily without this tool)

·         -Washer (one that is as close to the diameter of the recessed portion of the My K-Cup cap and still fit into the recess)


Step 2: Step One

Picture of Step One
Place the washer (or any other suitable disc) on the gasket material and trace neatly around it with pen or scratch awl.  You may as well trace out several, although you will only need one for this to work.
mekkimatthews2 months ago
I love u for making this instructable!! Bless ur heart!!
Evox_Rider (author)  mekkimatthews2 months ago
You are more than welcome, always glad to hear someone benefit from these little fixes!
jpatton63 years ago
I'm on my second Keurig maker. I got the My K-cup with the first one and it worked just fine. When I got the second one, I ran into the same problem you did. Turns out that they re-designed the gasket on the needle. The old one was this spongy rubber material that was a little over 1/4 inch thick, while the new one is a molded neoprene gasket. I ended up taking the old gasket off the old maker and glued it to the top of the My K-cup, similar to your fix.
Devildawg573 years ago
there is a rubber washer on the needle already. Just carefully reach up the needle and pull the rubber gasket down about half way. You will have to do this every time you use a K-Cup and switch to the K-Cup filter.
pcline23 years ago
First, nice 'ible. Im having the same problem with my resuable K-cup. where did you get the rubberized felt?
Evox_Rider (author)  pcline23 years ago
It was part of a small package of various gasket materials I picked up from Canadian Tire a few years ago, for some other repair I was doing at the time. It had the rubberized felt, and a few thicknesses of cork sheeting as well. Just go to any hardware store and ask for gasket material.
thanks for the quick reply