Fix Any Zipper Pull With a Zip Tie





Introduction: Fix Any Zipper Pull With a Zip Tie

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There is no need to throw out a good suitcase , backpack or winter jacket just because the zipper broke. All you need is a zip tie and you can repair your broken zipper.

Follow these instructions .

Step 1: Broken Zipper

No need to buy a new jacket or backpack just because the zipper broke . All you need is a ziptie and you can fix that broken zipper.

Step 2: Remove the Broken Zipper

remove the zipper

Step 3: Make Sure the Hole Is Big Enough for Your Zip Tie

Step 4: Place Zip Tie Through Hole

Step 5: Close the Zip Tie Till Its Fully Around the Zipper

Step 6: Cut to Desired Length

Cut the zip tie and sand the sharp edges if needed.

Step 7: Now You Have a Makeshift Zipper



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    the loopy-thingy is gone on mine, just 2 sharp nubs, and it's my fave coat! so frustersting!

    If you still have the coat, try this Instructable instead...

    Us humans have been so blind to these simple geniuse things.

    This is a very helpful idea but may I suggest that your title implies that you are going to help us fix the actual zipper apparatus not just a broken zipper pull. Thanks

    That's a great idea, But you might want to sand the edge of the cut zip-tie, They're usually pretty sharp after being cut

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! Why didn't I think of that!