Introduction: Fix Broken Headphone Band - Superglue Trick

Superglue on its own is not strong enough for this job. The tricks is to sprinkle some baking soda to form an instant cement.

Superglue (Cyanoacrylates, CA) + Baking Soda (Accelerators) = Super-hard instant cement (Exothermic reaction)

Step 1: Baking Soda + Superglue

When baking soda(accelerator) is added, superglue will set almost instantly (5 seconds).

Step 2: Add Few Layers for Stronger Bond

Add superglue to the surface and sprinkle with some baking soda. It will set almost instantly, about 5 seconds. Repeat the steps few more time for stronger bond. Do it on all sides of the broken area.

Step 3: Fixed

The broken part is as strong as original. The surface doesn't shrink, can be sand and paint.


RafałŁ1 made it! (author)2017-09-10

That is not magic, that is chemistry science!

Mine headset - White Philips was broken at the same point. Layer by layer I have build support. I suspect that whit some fine sand paper shape can be fine tuned and surface made smooth and shine.

tony54 (author)2017-04-08

Do you know if this is waterproof ? I used it on an aquarium pump and submerged it after 15 minutes of cure time. It was running under cold water for about 10 hours. After removing it , everything appeared as strong as ever.

I know it survived 10 hours but what about a month or year ? Does anyone know ?

Dolores4r (author)2017-03-04

This is genious! Everybody should know this..

rafununu (author)2017-03-03

Voila, not viola (raped in french)

Dietplan101 (author)rafununu2017-03-03


Oracus (author)2017-03-03

Baking soda = Sodium Bicarbonate

JurajR1 (author)2017-03-02

Nice trick!

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