Picture of Fix Broken Keyboard Leg With Office Supplies

With just ordinary Office Supplies


Step 1: Parts List

Complementary Glue Stick - you know the one you haven't the foggiest why you got it and what you'll you'll use it for?
1 Chop Stick - There's always someone who needs the full ambiance of chow-fun, fun eating!
Sharp Scissors - You know the one for possible postal worker protection?
Writing tool to measure That's a tough one, you may have to buy this one yourself. I mean it's rare we should ever use one! But gladly they gave us that Glue Stick!
Desk Drawer - Just clear out a corner. You'll need the 90 degrees to keep the sticks in place.
Thumb Tack (Plastic type)
BIC Pen Cap This is to use glue in heaps
Emery Board or Sidewalk - Getting your new leg level is not easy, you'll have to sand it down to make it level. I'm sure there's a kind female coworker who has them emery boards for nails, or one of them long nailed guitar playing guys. If not the sidewalk outside makes a mighty fine sanding instrument
Black Sharpie After all, paint is not one of them common office supplies. But permanent markers sure makes a good alternative.

wfelix6 years ago
good work in a 2 dollar keyboard... :D
lemonie6 years ago
I'd just flip the other leg. L
PKM lemonie6 years ago
But then you'd be giving in! And using your keyboard with the legs down is a pain. Well, it is with my keyboard, anyway. Alternative- bring your mini glue gun to work, find the broken off piece of leg and go to town. I've been meaning to do this for.. (checks date of Hackaday article) almost a year now, since I broke my keyboard leg on may 13th last year. Might do it tomorrow. A stack of Post-its has done the job since then (and driven my boss insane every time he uses my keyboard :D).
lemonie PKM6 years ago
I might be giving in, or I might be working with it. Anyway, credit to the author for fixing it eh? L
Jasper175 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
If I did find the broken leg I might have gone the glue-it-back-on way. But I couldn't find it. So I felt like pulling a Red Green who you must YouTube! Rob - (Jasper175)