Picture of Fix Cobra Car Remote Tail
For those who has the Cobra car security remote control that looks like in the photo, you may have experienced the rubber tail of the remote will either broke or torn after using some time especially when you always keep your keys in the pocket. Or probably your kids accidentally yank it or pets chew up nicely. The cost to buy a new casing is not cheap too. Anyway, why do we want to throw the whole thing away and spend extra few dollars to buy a new one and you can fix it with just a few cents or even free... with a nylon cable tie. And you never need to throw the thing away again. 
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Step 1: Nylon Cable Tie

Picture of Nylon Cable Tie
Nylon cable tie just like in the picture can be purchase in any hardware shop or at your local store. It comes with many sizes and color. The size that I got is 2.5 x 150 mm that fits to my remote plastic casing. Using the nylon cable tie, create a loop and clip off the rest as shown in the picture. 

Step 2: Remove the remote casing

Picture of Remove the remote casing
Carefully then remove the remote casing with a test pen or screwdriver. Place the nylon cable tie with the head inside the casing around the pin. This is to ensure the cable will not comes out easily. Finally put back the other side of the plastic casing and press firmly to tighten it. 

Step 3: Finally!

Picture of Finally!
You're done. This will last you for a long time. I used it for more than a year now without any problem and save me a lot of $$$. This simple item not only use to tie cables but has many other functions. I hope this will give you some other ideas too. Share with me!
kaijura1 year ago
Nice! that's the kind of on the spot creativity and ingenuity that I admire the most!