Introduction: Bluetooth Speaker for Your BFF Birthday Gift

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Hi guys I'm Burak. I'm writing this project from Turkey. In this project I'll show you how to make the speaker box from Glass box. I made this project for my Best Friend birthday. I hope you will understand and comment.

This project is not as difficult as it seems but not easy either ;). You can supply materials easily from home. Of course, except for a few electronic pieces.

Step 1: Choose Box

Picture of Choose Box

First you had to choose your box. the box dimensions may vary. what is important is what you want. If you decide to do this, box selection will be easy.

Step 2: Parts

Picture of Parts

Step 3: Set Dimensions

Picture of Set Dimensions

Rings are provided near the speakers. First drawing the place with the pen. Then cut the parts with the knife. If you open the box when cutting, you can make it more comfortable.

Step 4: Place Speakers

Picture of Place Speakers

paste the speakers with a solid adhesive. if there are gaps. You can patch it like the next step.

Step 5: Patching

Picture of Patching

Cut before the rounds. Cut and paste on spaces.

Step 6: Open Air Space and Button Space

Picture of Open Air Space and Button Space

Step 7: Metal Support

Picture of Metal Support

This is the hardest and most important step. It's actually very simple, but if you don't do this step, it's will be destroyed.

Step 8: Place Support

Picture of Place Support

Firstly close up the box. Then stack the supports for the bottom side. There are a total of four for the top wings.

Step 9: Electronic

Picture of Electronic

You can get 12v by connecting the batteries in series. Car charger in parallel with 12V.

Step 10: It's Done

Picture of It's Done

I hope you like the project. Do not forget to comment


parysfpar (author)2017-10-04

This project is awosome. Its hot. I'm gonna burn. Hahahah

MertK28 (author)2017-10-02

Very very good project

brhmkrts (author)2017-10-02

Excellent Bro Nice project

Ozdemirburak87 (author)brhmkrts2017-10-02

wow nice finger hahahaha

Ozdemirburak87 (author)brhmkrts2017-10-02

thanks bro

Ali KemalT (author)2017-09-29

This project is incredible. Thanks for that

thanks bro

FatmaÖ6 (author)2017-09-24

Hi pam8610 is nice choose but is it spoose 4ohm 10W

Ozdemirburak87 (author)FatmaÖ62017-09-24

oh yes it's working. no problem

ftmozdemir77 (author)2017-09-24

Where can I supply the this "cool" switch?
you can supply here

ftmozdemir77 (author)2017-09-24

Wow. Bro this is good. Nice thumbnail :))


Melihal11 (author)2017-09-24

Omg thats amazing!!

Ozdemirburak87 (author)Melihal112017-09-24

thanks bro

Talha EmirK (author)2017-09-23

I think its the cheapest home-made speaker nowadays.I have been searching for this and I think I decided to make yours. I liked the way you describe simply tho. Keep going

thanks bro if you need a help, please write me

Acozbulut (author)2017-09-23

Good job bro it's amazing :)

Itsatrav (author)2017-09-23

the thumbnail looks like an owl

Ozdemirburak87 (author)Itsatrav2017-09-23

hahahah looks a bit

actina (author)2017-09-23

it's very handy and useful. good job :)

Ozdemirburak87 (author)actina2017-09-23

Thanks I hope you will make it

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