Ever seen the disney movie "Wreck it Ralph" or heard of the game "Fix It Felix Jr" back in the 80's. I'm sure you all heard of it. I was watching YouTube videos about the arcade cab in action and commercials for the game too. After a few minutes of videos, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to make a iPhone stand for my iPhone because I had the wreck it Ralph app on my phone and I slipped it in to transform my phone into a arcade machine. It was really hard to do but I managed to build it without giving up. The hard part was making shelve hold the phone in place without breaking.

Step 1: Print and Modify the Template to the Arcade Paper Craft

I found the paper craft off the web and saved it to my flashdrive. When opened the photo files I modified the template to a large size to scale with the other tabletop arcade games I had. Once I finished modifying the scale, I printed out all the pages.
<p>it could also work with so action figures</p>

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Bio: I'm big on video games. I have a puppy and interested in performing arts. Also like to collect things such as action figures and ... More »
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