Fix Old Clogged Cartridges


Introduction: Fix Old Clogged Cartridges

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I have an HP Deskjet 1000 since 1.5 Yrs and I am still using original cartridges and they still work great.
The problem with Inkjet Cartridges is that if you refill them with cheap ink they clog if you do not use them twice or thrice every week and sometimes this is not possible.
I have found a solution by experience how can you use your cartridges for a very long time and here's how to do it.

For Black Cartridge:
1) Heat water around 1/3rd the height of the cartridge (Do not boil the water)
2) Dip the head of the cartridge in it.
3) Agitate the water with the cartridge and the water turns black.
4) After 5 minutes use a tissue paper on the head to check whether it is unclogged.
5) Now remove the cartridge, dry it thoroughly and remove the water from the foam in the cartridge with a medical syringe.

For Colour Cartridge:
1) As the colour cartridge has three colours so all the colours mix so replace the water frequently and do this practice more than 5 times. Follow instructions 4 & 5.

Refill your cartridge or get it refilled.


Note: I have performed this activity atleast 20 times and the circuitry on the cartridge always survived.



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    nice...i had so many but had trouble disposing them. Now i can reuse them.

    @rimar2000 I'll try that too. Thanks

    @rimar2000 I'll try that too. Thanks

    This is very good. Thank you I will definitely us this idea.

    Laundry detergents containing ethoxylated alcohol are good for unclog ink cartridges. You soak a little piece of paper towel, put the cartridge over it and press it many times until the stain pattern shows the ink is exiting. Maybe you will must wait some minutes.

    I tried this with cold water, somtime it worked sometimes didn't.Will try with warm water as u said. Thanks