WARNING - If you are not proficient at soldering you could DESTROY your Wii.  If your Wii is under warranty, send it back to Nintendo.  If your Wii is out of warrenty, you've come to the right place.

Understand you take full responsibility if you break your Wii.

This tutorial will describe how to fix your Nintendo Wii's front panel buttons (Power, Reset, Sync, and Eject).  If your buttons on the Wii don't "click" when you push them and you have to push extremely hard to get them to work or the button(s) don't work at all, this is how to fix your Wii system without having to send it to Nintendo. 

Problem Cause(s):
If the Wii falls or some how the buttons suffer a hard impact trauma it can either:
A.  Jam the button in the case
B.  Break/damage the tacticle button(s) on the motherboard

Cost (Savings):
It will cost you $75 + shipping to get Nintendo to fix this issue.  It will cost you $0.00 to $0.78 per button + shipping to fix it yourself.

8.5 / 10
You must be good at soldering. If you are not, try to see if your buttons are jamed.  Follow this guide up until step 6.  If you find your button(s) is broken, find someone that can fix it for you or send it to Nintendo.

Step 1: Step 1: Tools, Supplies, Parts Needed

- Soldering Iron ( I recommend a 15 Watt iron so that you don't get things too hot )
- Solder
- .032 Rosin-Core Solder
- Desoldering Braid
- Flux
- Soldering Iron tip cleaner
- Tri-wing Screw Driver (usually have to purchase these online)
- 1/8" Philips Screw Driver
- Needle Nose Pliers
- Helping Hands w/ Magnifier (used to hold things in place while you solder)
- Twezers

Suggested but not required:
Scotch Tape
- 3/64" flat head screw driver
- Tooth Picks

thanks for this tutorial. I bought a "for parts" wii on ebay for $7.50. It says it's untested, but it has a known defect which is the eject button is broke. I have plenty of electronics know-how and soldering experience, so this should be no problem for me. If worse comes to worse and theres some bigger problem, I just sell it back on ebay XD
Thanks! I was resigned to a Frankenstein's monster appearance before I found this. Finding the part number was key! I'll see if my soldering skills are OK.
I found out after doing this (and failing) that once one has opened the Wii, Nintendo will not accept it for a repair =/ Thought maybe a comment might just give others a heads up..

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