Vertical streaking is a common complaint among owners of Lexmark C500 series color laser printers. This can be caused by a buildup of toner deposits inside the toner cartridges. It is possible to service these cartridges to wring some more life out of them.

First, prepare your work area. I put the cart down on a few paper towels, as you will be spilling a little toner. I also have 91% alcohol, some cotton swabs, and a small phillips head screwdriver.

Step 1: Remove the Baffle

Hold the cartridge with the roller side up. You should be able to see where the streaks in the toner on the roller. The layer of toner should be as even and solid as possible.

First take the 5 inside screws off of the baffle. Be careful not to touch or scratch the roller. These screws are short. They hold the blade assembly to the underside of the carriage. Don't apply too much pressure to these screws.

Thanks!<br /> I have a new printer now.<br /> BTW if you use some cotton with a few drops of thinner the blade will be like new with no pain in just 1 mississipi .<br />
You should be very careful when doing this, toner dust is a carcenagen!!! (meaning it can give you cancer if you breathe it in) so i wouldn't recommend doing this at all but if you must i would highly recommend wearing a dust mask and possibly latex/ vinyl gloves.<br />
<a href="http://www.lexmark.com/vgn/images/portal/C500H2CG.pdf" rel="nofollow">Here is the MSDS&nbsp;info</a> for Lexmark C500 toner. It is not carcinogenic but does pose a dust hazard, so wearing a dust mask couldn't hurt. Toner dust is flammable however, so exercise some caution when opening a toner cartridge.<br />
well hazard could mean leads to any disease, because i'm sure they wouldn't write it's a carcenagen anyways cause nobody would buy it.<br />
I really like this.&nbsp; I have a different printer but the same principles apply.&nbsp; Take it apart (carefully), clean it, and put it together (more carefully).&nbsp; I did this with carburetors back when I&nbsp;was a kid so why not now with my electronic toys?<br />

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