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I'm one of those people who still buy CDs. I use the digital files for mobile playback, but at home I like to use the physical ones. I purchased a CD-changer off eBay to store and play them without having to touch them any more than necessary. Sadly, it was broken when it arrived.

When it turned on, the blue light in the changer would flash and I could hear the motor running. It would make four attempts to turn the tray, running the motor for a few seconds and then waiting a few seconds. Then it displayed a "Table Error." I listened to it, but there were no grinding sounds, and it seemed like the motor was running fine. The disk tray just wasn't spinning. I could move it pretty easily with my hand (probably not a good idea, but I didn't break anything), but the motor wouldn't turn it. It worked when it was shipped, and it was pretty well-packaged, so I figured it probably got dropped during shipping and something got dislodged. Going into the project, I figured I could take a look inside and see if something was obviously out of place. I had very little to lose and if I didn't think I could easily fix it, I wouldn't worry about it.

UPDATE: The replacement part number for the belt is SONY 421932601. Mine just needed to be re-seated, but several commenters said theirs had gotten stretched out or broken.

Step 1: Take the Cover Off

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Unplug the disk changer, and take off the cover. There were 9 cover screws - 3 on the back, 2 on each side, and 2 on the top, near the front. Make sure not to lose these!

Once the screws were out, it's pretty easy to get the over off. I ended up sitting behind the changer and grabbing the edges at the back. I pulled outwards a little bit and then lifted upwards. With a little bit of wiggling, I was able to pull it backwards and off.

Step 2: Re-seating the Belt

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With the cover off, if it is going to be easy to fix, you should be able to see exactly what's broken. For me, the band/belt had fallen off the pulley that was farthest from the edge (closest to the center of the disk changer). It's effectively just a thin rubber band on a plastic track, so it should stretch pretty easily.

Using a pair of needlenose pliers, (carefully) grab the band and lift it up. Once one side is on the track, you should be able to rotate the pulleys by hand to seat it all the way around, like you would do with the chain on a bicycle.

Step 3: Finishing Up

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Wiggle the cover back on in the same way you got it off. It might take a couple attempts to get it seated correctly - I did it twice before I got it into generally the right place, and then had to wiggle the sides a bit to get them flush with the plastic front plate.

Put the screws back on and turn it on. Mine did a couple rotations, and then displayed "-NO DISC-" which demonstrated that it could check the entire thing. I put a CD in and played it to double check.


LarryB167 (author)2017-10-21

I need to replace both the anything I can do to keep the belts from going bad again? Mine were like they had melted or disintegrated. Is there anything I can put on the belts to male them last longer?

Borisv17 (author)2017-10-15

Great that there are still other nerds out there who like those big black blocks with lots of knobs and buttons and dot matrix displays :)

I have to of these babies (one bought from the USA when the first one was full which is running on a 230/115V converter) and had the table error recently on my first one. Was able to fix it with this instruction, but the table is running very slowly. Both belts are pretty worn (no wonder after almost 20 years) and I ordered new ones now.

Note that you can remove the back panel for easier access to the belt.

Maybe it's old news, but I found the Sony service manual for this player here:


SeismicGuy (author)2017-07-22

I have a Sony HCD-VA550 and the 5-disk cd changer is a "stacker". I have the service manual but there is not much useful info about how to actually install the belt. The most visible belt had fallen off--not broken but clearly way to long (unless it somehow stretched). Anyone out there have experience with belts on the stacker changer?


BarbaraM205 (author)2017-06-20

I was looking for a picture of the belts in place since it looked like ours fell off, and found this site. We learned that our belts had been stretched out and we could replace them. And we did! And it works great now! Thanks!

GeraldN8 (author)2016-12-11

what size are the belts when replacing them?

jdros8822 (author)GeraldN82017-01-31

google sony 421932601 or DCP-XE510. I believe that's the factory replacement. A better one is EVG (422587601). I started with some part numbers from the parts list, but that was months ago. Good luck.

kgleesonlego (author)jdros88222017-02-02

Thanks jdros! The belt on mine had simply fallen off and didn't need to be replaced.

I updated the 'Ible with the factory part number. I couldn't find the EVG one you mentioned, but others may have better luck.

TonyA127 (author)2016-12-17

I am so thrilled I came across this posting, the internet is great for some things but I thought I had lost my CD player for good. I had already taken it apart and could not even see the belts discussed here. It wasn't until I saw the photos that I took another look and sure enough a belt was off. It was a real challenge getting it back on but I made it. I did however have to remove a ribbon cable and when I put it back I had damaged it. However got it going and I am so grateful to MR Gleeson and this website.

kgleesonlego (author)TonyA1272017-02-02

Glad it worked for you Tony!

jdros8822 (author)2017-01-31

In my case, I removed the small back cover and had to replace the belt since it was pretty stretched out. BTW, I ordered 2 belts. And it's a good thing since the second one cratered as well. Thanks for the tip. I also had to remove the top and back panel to get to the pulleys. I'm not as dexterous as I was 60 years ago!!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-01-12

Welcome to Instructables. Thanks for sharing the awesome project.

Thanks! I've been hanging around for a long time and loving the community, so I figured it was time to give back. Hopefully you'll see more Instructables from me in the future.

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