I've been meaning to try out Plasti Dip for a few years now, I've just never had the perfect opportunity to go out and buy some for a specific use.

I was cleaning out my bathroom when I ran into my old hair brush. I gave it a swipe through my hair and... *OUCH MY SCALP!*. Turns out all the little rubber/plastic tips on the end of the bristles had fallen off. 

Seeing as how this brush has some sentimental value, I felt I would try to fix it up with some Plasti Dip, and put it back into use.

Step 1: Get Supplies

You're going to need some supplies in order to fix up the brush:

-Plasti Dip (6-7 Dollars at Home Depot)

-Hair Brush (Clean)

-Toothpicks (Testing Purposes)

-Work Area (I chose a paper plate)

-Spoon or other Dispensing Device (Keep in mind you wont be using this again, unless you want it coated in rubber)

I've always just melted the tips with a lighter, but I think I like this one better. Thank you
How long did this fix end up lasting?
Neat idea, the plastic tips that come on hairbrushes fall way too easily.
Thanks!! I have long hair and it's naturally curly so you can imagine that finding a brush that I really like is hard. And then the tips start to come off and I have to toss it. Problem solved thanks :)

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