No reason to have bad hair days in your virtual life! The way other users interact with your avatar depends greatly upon outward appearance. You want to lose that noobish look ASAP! Hairstyles play a big part in a great look for your avatar, and you really can't get it right with the built-in appearance tools.

Step 1: Go Ahead and Try the Built in Sliders...

There's no harm in playing with the sliders. It is actually quite fun. Just remove the starter hair that came with your avatar by right mouse clicking on it and and choosing "detach". This will leave you with a bald head. Then, right click your avatar, and choose "appearance". Your avatar will assume a still pose. Choose the "hair tab" and have at it for a bit. If you prove me wrong by creating something flattering, do send a snapshot of it along to me. But I'm betting you will grow weary of this game after a while and be ready for some other options.
Great tutorial!  I'll have to give this a try.

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