Fix Your Ipod or You Iphone If You Get It Wet





Introduction: Fix Your Ipod or You Iphone If You Get It Wet

Fix Your Ipod/Iphone



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    I love how almost everyone in the comment section gets their iPods submerged in water and hen the first thing they say they do immediately afterwards is try to turn it on to see if it works.


    I have revived phones that got wet, but they always had some issues after that. Did you remove the battery and dry out the innards as much as possible before putting it in the rice? Try to be patient and let it dry out for a few days, which I know is hard to do, before you put the battery back in to try it. And you also can try the way.

    How to fix a water damaged iphone

    PleasePleasePlease Help Me! I dropped my ipodtouch 4 into a bath and I didnt know to turn it off, I ended up putting it inrice but its not working halp

    my ipod touch (4th generation) decided to jump out on my had and go for a swim in my bath tub. it doesnt turn on now. ive put it in rice and am gonna leave it in there for about 3 days. will it survive or is it a gonner???
    please help

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    the same thing happened to me have you found a solution but mines a iphone

    I just had that happen to me and it works after a day! Weird thing is before I couldn't turn it off, so i figured it was frying away. Apparently it didn't. how ever the light is a little glitchy

    idk i hope alot of people say it will i just put ine in rice hope it survives

    so i dropped my ipod in the toilet and didnt realize it until about 10 seconds later i dried it and then with my hair drier it wouldnt turn on so i left it standing up overnight to see if the water would come out in the morning it didnt work so i pluged it in and it turned on and then it turned off now it doesnt turn on at all i dont know what to do my parents will kill me if they find out. Help!

    alright last night or yesterday at noon I was going to get in the shower and for some reason some idiot put a huge cup of water in the shower well I go to turn on the water and I had my phone in my hand listening to music and I dropped it in the cup for about 10 seconds or less and I put it in a towel and rapped it really tight and then after I got don't with the shower I got out I tried to turn it off because it was like a little light around the outside of the screen so I had to hard reset it and then about 2 hours later I went to a neighbors and got some rice and it has been in there over night for about 12 hours how long do I need to wait??????? HELP PLEASE

    i got my ipod wet in the tub then i stupedly went and charged it and now my home button dosent work it is in rice plz helppppppp

    so i was at school , and i left my ipod in a lu lu lemon bag, in that bag i had my ipod and body mist perfume. i forgot mmy ipod at school that day. then the next day in the morning (today) i came to school and i noticed that my bag was wet and that my ipod was to. so i went and got rice from the cafiteria. i pressed the top button on the ipod and it showed the "plug in" sign. then i put it ina cup of rice but i put in upside down.. so that i could charge it at the same tiime. so in a few mins it turned on then i went to eat. when i came back the ipod wasnt on it was completly black.. and i pressed the home and top button and it didnt worrk!! i think that because i put the ipod upside down the liquide wend deeper into the ipod!! i left it in rice over night! what shuld i do ? my parents will kill me if they find out !! please answer quick .

    Hi yesterday night I jump in the pool with me iPod in my pocket swam around for about 5 mins and then realized it was in my pocket. Then I went straight into my house to put it in a bag of rice. Left it in there for about 24 hrs and still a black screen. Another thing Is it was on when I went into the pool:(. Please someone help me FAST because I'm my parents will ground me when they find out.

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    same thing happened to me, but i jumped in the pool with it in my pocket TWICE and swam around for like 5 minutes when i realized it was in my pocket. You should leave it for a few days or weeks and don't turn it on. When its the end of a few weeks or days charge it and then see if it works. if it doesn't then IDK.

    umm my suggestion is a short in the battery i have an ipod that i dropped into a pond while it was plugged into an extension cord and i replaced the battery and now it works

    im a idiot so i got peanut butter on my ipod then i washed it off tottally forgeting that it would short circute and to make it worse i got sunblock in it so ya it works kinda but the screen looks wired like way darker and it has wired shapes inside i can see when i look at screen can i fix it some how? Please respond quick please.

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    Uhh ok so about a week ago I just in the pool and it wasnt till about mid air the i realized my ipod touch was in my back pocket i was in the water for less than a minute so i took it out and let it dry but now my screen is whiter than before and the light sometimes goes back to normal but its more of a flicker so i was wondering because its already dry is it going to stay like than or will it go back to normal in a few months or what and if not about how much would it cost to get it fixed?

    So i just washed my ipod touch. i found it aboutt an hour after my washer shut off and i tried to turn in on and it didnt. i dont have any rice what do i do?!

    Alright peoples, i need serious assistants asap. I brought an ipod nano at the end of last year and had it for two wonderful months before it got drowned in my perfume. It got wet and it would only work while being plugged into the wall or the computer, as it still does. As soon as i pull it out of a power source the screen goes black and thats the end of it. Ive been searching google for 7 months now trying to get my ipod to work after being wet 7 months ago. After reading these above comment it made me think so i plugged it into a power source and i could still slightly see water in the screen so i blow dried it for 2-3 minutes on low and the water disapered but it has made no change to how it works. Might i add that it doesnt play songs when plugged in or out. After leaving a comment here i am going to try your rice theory. Has anyone else got any ideas what so ever about how to fix the love of my life? Please help! My ipods on life surrport!!!