If you've got a Melitta brand burr coffee grinder like model MEBG8B but it won't grind anything, maybe you've got a stuck button. Here's how to fix it.

With our grinder, the buttons for 4,8,10,12 cups seemed to simply do nothing. It turns out that the shut-off button (top center) had jammed. Although I managed to get the button out of its cockeyed position, the grinder still didn't work.

Step 1: Remove the Beans

First, take off the lid from the bean reservoir and empty the beans into a bowl. We don't need those little buggers bouncing all over our floor!
<p>I have a Kenmore Burr coffee grinder that stopped grinding? What do I do?</p>
Great instructions and photos - thanks Kozz! It's a powerful feeling to fix something yourself and save money!
Thanks for your comment! Especially with the cost of some grinders AND none of us want to drop money on buying new stuff if we don't have to, I agree that fixing is better than buying. Thanks again for commenting!
Hi...I have a CG-1 Melitta coffee grinder that I love and it's not broken, but I would really like to find another one as a backup, just in case this one does break. And it will of course cuz I&nbsp;use it almost every day, and nothing can last every day forever. If you know where I can find one (new please...ebay has used ones) please let me know. Thankz! This is an awesome site...glad I found it!<br /> If this isn't the place to post an &quot;I want,&quot; then sorry.&nbsp; -)
The grinder you're showing there appears to be a coffee / spice grinder, and not a burr grinder.&nbsp; That type (although not the exact make/model) are quite common in stores at reasonable prices.<br /> <br /> It looks like Melitta wisely stopped trying to make their own grinders:<br /> https://shop.melitta.com/search.asp?SKW=ACCS<br /> They're now promoting Hamilton Beach grinders instead.<br /> <br /> In the meantime, my own Melitta continues to be flaky.&nbsp; The buttons have never stuck again, but I've had issues where the grinder won't stop grinding when it's supposed to, so I&nbsp;have to babysit it.<br />
How do you fix a grinder where the blade assembly complete does not turn with the motor assembly? Haha... I broke mine after putting steel ball bearings in it to grind some stuff (not food). I don't know what brand it is, but i can't seem to get the dang thing apart.
I have the reverse problem with my Melitta grinder. It fails to stop; pushing 4 results with the reservoir filling half way up, and pressing 12 results with the reservoir coming off and the coffee grinds shooting out onto the counter. help
The best I can suggest is to follow the steps provided, and possibly one of the button "posts" is indeed stuck.
Wow amazing timing our Melitta coffee grinder just broke too :) thanks
You're welcome. I'd be very interested in knowing whether this works for you. Do give some feedback on your success!
It worked great! :) my coffee grinder also was starting to get stuck when grinding so I took it apart and cleaned out the motor (it had six or seven coffee beans in it :P ) now it works as good as new. ~Matt
Excellent! The other problem I have with my grinder is that the lid doesn't properly fit on top of the basin because it (the basin) seemed to get squeezed a bit while in the package. So the opening is slightly oval, not matching the lid. Unfortunately the basin is the kind of plastic that would very likely shatter if I tried to "squeeze" it back to the right shape. If you've got an idea on this, would love to hear it. Or if yours does this also, it's time we rattle Melitta's cage!
lol my grinders lid fits fairly well, so yours is more than likely a factory defect. I have found if you heat brittle plastics up they bend a lot better so try heating it up with a blow drier then try bending it. ~Matt
awesome. remember, GET THOSE LED's! :)

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