Introduction: Fix a Broken Car Key

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Micro-chipped car keys cost like $50 to replace. Who wants to pay $50 to fix a broken plastic loop? Yet who can stand to see their key suffer away from his friends and family on the key-chain?

Suffer no longer, my sad, disconnected key friend. Here's a 5-minute, 5-cent fix.

Step 1: Drill a Hole in Your Key

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Use a drill bit about the same size as a finishing nail (which you will use in the next step).

Step 2: Trim a Finishing Nail to the Correct Length

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A pair of pliers should cut it (get it? ha? pun?)

Step 3: Put a Dab of Glue on Each Hole

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Step 4: Put the Nail in the Hole

Picture of Put the Nail in the Hole

Step 5: Re-unite Your Cute Little Key Family

Picture of Re-unite Your Cute Little Key Family

Aren't they precious?


NorthlandLocksmith (author)2016-12-18

Be careful not to drill into the transponder. Before you start drilling holes consider this:

ottawafm (author)2014-08-11

You should put some jb weld around it! Just let it dry for a few hours, then you can shape it like clay. Wet your finger alittle so you don't leave finger prints in the jb weld.

dabooge (author)ottawafm2015-06-26

I did exactly this for my Dad's car key 2 years ago. He was fussy about the gray colour of the JB so I added black epoxy pigment. I filled the entire slot and drilled a hole in it when the epoxy was set. You can hardly see the repair and it's still holding up!

solobo (author)dabooge2015-06-26


solobo (author)ottawafm2014-08-11

Good idea. I think they have a formable epoxy at Home Depot that would work well too.

mrandle (author)solobo2014-08-15

Depending on whether its the kind that has the chip or not you might be able to peel off the old plastic and make a new "fob" out of sugaru. Might be easier than JB weld to work with.

solobo (author)mrandle2014-08-17

Yeah, this one has a chip: I'd be nervous about taking apart the plastic, but maybe it's possible.

mrandle (author)solobo2014-08-18

I think as long as the chip is "close" it might still work. I had my fob break one time but was still able to start the car as long as the part with the buttons was close. Yours looks like if it has one its either connected to the key itself or inside the plastic.

solobo (author)mrandle2014-08-18

Yeah, I think it's inside the plastic.

michelle.embrozsuarez (author)2014-12-11

This is The greatest advice I have ever seen! We have been dreading paying 68 bucks for a new key. Thanks for the wisdom.

ha, sweet! glad it helped.

3366carlos (author)2014-08-30

that's a great idea, I like the way it looks (original).

solobo (author)3366carlos2014-08-30


nic nak (author)2014-08-11

epoxy resin putty is a wonderful fix for things like this, it sets rock solid and sticks to the plastic like it was part of it.

solobo (author)nic nak2014-08-17

good idea

PhilsTj (author)2014-08-11

Yes! You're on to something. Do the nail trick ( very good by the way and excellent close up pics) and coat it with jbweld. Just as the jbweld starts to'set up, wet your finger and polish it smooth. Good Instructable and the extra jb weld tip can't hurt either.

solobo (author)PhilsTj2014-08-17

Thanks! Good stuff with the JB Weld.

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