I bought this wireless adapter on eBay for $30 instead of the normal $100 you would spend at any retailer. The reason? Somebody  managed to cut the USB connector off of the wireless adapter. I had previously fixed this adapter by simply soldering a new USB connector on to what was left of the very short wire protruding from the wireless adapter. However my solder job was rather poor due to the fact that the amount of wire I had to work with was very short.

   After some use my solder job failed. So, I decided it was time to open up the case and see what I had to work with. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found, lets get that case open.

Step 1: Tools/Material You Will Need

Knife (to score/pry open the case of your wireless adapter)

(2) small straight blade screw drivers

Soldering Iron


A USB cable to sacrifice

String or super glue

                Microsoft does not want you to open the case of your wireless adapter, so this is going to be a hard job…
Nice job on this instructable. It is very satisfying to be able to fix what others discard.
hello large you whether you-can use a whole andre usb wireless network adapter. ?<br> where I think it is too expensive<br> <br> two buy a usb wireless network adapter for my xbox 360 er old xbox<br> <br> <br> <br> ps I am from Denmark and go the price is from 500 to 1000 in Danish kroner do you think about it?
why would some one cut off the usb conecter<br />

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