Introduction: Fix a Torn Pocket Edge in a Stylish Way

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Few days ago, I noticed that my leather jacket was torn at the edge of side pocket  due to continuous use. I decided to repair it instead of throwing it away. Finally I reached a solution that was not only easy but gave a new, more stylish look to my jacket!
I repaired my leather jacket but this process can be used for any kind of jacket.
Materials Required:
1- A small rivet (I got mine from a cobbler)
2- A similar piece of leather/fabric. But you can use different or even contrast colour for a different style. I did'nt have similar leather piece. But I had a valvet piece of same color so I used it instead of leather.
3- A strong fabric glue. I used multi-purpose "Samad Bond" glue. But  you can use any glue suitable for leather/fabric.

Tools Required:
1- A hammer
2- A plier
3- And a nail (To make hole for the rivet)

Step 1: Stick Em

Picture of Stick Em

1- First stick edge of pocket to normal/healthy surface with adhesive, just slightly away from hole created by tearing of leather.
2- Now cut a small stripe of fabric to cover the whole site. Apply adhesive to the back side of fabric. Now you have created a customized adhesive tape.
3- Now simply stick this fabric stripe to cover the whole area. Take care to hide completely the wrinkles created by step 1.

Step 2: Riveting

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Now make a small washer with leather or realtively thick cloth to be used on inner surface of jacket.
Finally make a small hole at the edge of pocket with nail and hammer and fix rivet as shown in picture

Step 3: Shift the Balance!

Picture of Shift the Balance!

This step is optional
Repeat the same process for other side pocket. It gives strength to it and also converts your mending work into a style feature!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-02-05

Looks great! Very nice fix :)

Thanks buddy :-)

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