Fix a Broken Thumb-Drive USB Connector





Introduction: Fix a Broken Thumb-Drive USB Connector

This instructable is not for beginners you must know how to Solder (neatly).

Have you ever had a USB drive that's connector had broken off? Its a common problem that can be easily fixed in under 10 minutes...

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

* Soldering Iron
* Solder
* Broken USB
* Component holder (optional)

If you have lost your Thumb-drive's connector you can buy one from your nearest raidio-shack or Jay-car.

Step 2: Align the Pins

Align the pins before you place the drive on the component holder.

Adjust the component stand until the pins line-up like before.

Step 3: Solder

Solder the pins that you aligned.

Step 4: Close It Up!

Put your fixed thumb-drive back in it's enclosure.

Step 5: Test & Finish

Put the fixed Drive into a computer to test.

- Wait until your PC recognizes and installs drivers for the drive.
- Open the drive in explorer/finder and see if your files are intact.

That's all from this Instructable but, you can do many more things like attach wired to make the connection longer.




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    this method will not be possible if either the pins have snaped at back of connector or the pads of come up board. first issue is easy to fix with some metal or a replacement plug. if the pads lifted you have some major issue depending on the type of board you have