Picture of Fix a broken macbook mousepad
My sister gave me her old macbook when she got a new one. I had an identical one that wasnt working right so i got rid of it and was excited to get a new working computer. Well it didnt quite work. the power cord was dead and after playing around with it i found it to be unfixable, so replaced the power cord. Once that was out of the way i found the battery was dead and wouldnt charge, just like my old mac book, and my old ibook, and my ipod, and like is starting to happen to my iphone. So i replaced the battery, it didnt work at first but i found that the problem was the battery wasnt sitting in the case correctly because the case is cracked in multiple places, just like happened with my last macbook. Notice a trend? well now apple products make great gifts, however i certainly would not advocate giving them half a penny of my own money for their garbage gear. the only reason anyone would have any reason to purchase one aside from being trendy is the reliability and stability of OSX, which aside from their poorly made hardware i must give credit where credit is due. ok now that my rant is over, ill return to my tale of fixing the macbook, which worked perfect for about two days after the new battery and then i found myself unable to type or use the mouse. Frustrated i set it aside for a couple weeks. One weekend i found myself unusually motivated and decided to crack it open and see if i could remedy the problem. I would suggest you visit http://www.ifixit.com/Device/Mac (great resource)  and walk yourself through the steps before attempting to crack it open.