Picture of Fix a broken zipper pull.

A few years ago, I splashed out on some new motorcycle clothing. Really good stuff. It's lasted well, but for some reason the zipper on both the trousers AND the jacket chose the same week to die (that'd be the week just after the warranty expired)

I saw a great Instructable a little while ago which showed how to use a paper clip and some Sugru to fix a broken zipper pull.  (by mattthegamer463)

The motorcycle clothing I wanted to fix needed something rather heavy duty so I figured I could use a similar method but improve the strength of the zipper pull.

List of stuff:

Paperclips (various sizes)
Soldering Iron + Solder
Tea (Very important)
Bit of wire
Crocodile Clips (Not pictured above)
A sheet of paper (Not pictured above)
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Step 1: Attach paperclip to zipper

Picture of Attach paperclip to zipper
Attach the paperclip to the zipper.

Put a little rip in the paper and push the paper clip through it to protect the repaired garment from solder spatter.

I've also used a single strand of wire to hold the clip together whilst soldering.

Solder the clip down one side. Don't allow the clip to press against the paper (lest it burn and damage your garment)

Once the solder is in place you can either remove the wire or wrap it round the clip (it's going to be covered in Sugru shortly)

Step 2: Over engineering things again.

Picture of Over engineering things again.
I have a habit of over engineering things.

An additional smaller paper clip can be used to strengthen things.

I also realised that I had a couple of crocodile clips that would be very handy to hold things together. Much better than the twisted wire.

The paper clips were then cocooned in solder.