Fix a Classic G.I.JOE Figure (using a Condom)





Introduction: Fix a Classic G.I.JOE Figure (using a Condom)

Last saturday I was invited by a couple of friends of mine to their home. They have an awesome collection of classic G.I.JOE action figures. Some of them were damaged because the inner rubber band that put them together was broken. Luckily, the keep the parts. Then I took one of the apparently good figures and... accidentally I broke its rubber band. Now I have in my hands the legs, hip and chest of another dead JOE.

Ashamed with my friends, they told me I didn't need to blame myself. After all, it was a normal age damage on the classic JOEs. Maybe one day the would buy some rubber bands for the action figures. Or maybe not.

I didn't want to leave without make amends for my fault. But what could I do? I didn't have any rubber band, neither my Dremel or my Sonic Screwdriver. So I use it something everybody has: a condom. It worked so well my friends asked me for fixing other figures and I'm posting the instructable. It's a simple solution and you can give a new life to your old G.I.JOEs. Even, you can reuse expired condoms.

And here I am, using condoms in near Valentine's Day, repairing some old toys...

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  • A classic G.I.JOE action figure, with the inner rubber band broken
  • A condom
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers (or anything for grabbing the rubber band, like a paperclip)
  • Small screwdriver

Step 2: The Condom

First, transform the condom into a rubber band. Unroll it and cut the base ring. Wash it.

(CAUTION: Please, for God's sake, use a NEW condom. The rest of the condom will become useless for its original purpose. So please again, PLEASE! don't try to use it).

Step 3: The Torso

With the screwdriver, remove the screw. Remove the chest. Watch out for the correct position of the arms.

Step 4: The Legs

Hook the condom's rubber band (use it in two loops) on the legs hook and pass it across the hip.

Step 5: Arm It Again

Put the rubber band in the center of the chest. Make another loop for reducing the elasticity. Put on again the head, arms and chest and screw it. It's done.



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    For the record, lubricated condoms are sub-optimal for this task. It will work, but have fun trying to make that double loop pull through the pelvis.

    Oh man... That is definitely a comment I never thought I'd post.

    LOL! Maybe there are better options, but this instructable was very fun to write :-)

    The heck with better options. The condoms work great! Just stay away from lubricated ones.

    But remember, this does not protect your Joes from pregnancy or STDs.

    It's fantastic to know it still works after all this time! Thanks for your feedback, JesterPoet!

    HeH nice
    with condom

    Brilliant - a clever (and cheeky) solution to a common problem. And really nice work on the actual post: very professional!

    Yes, well done old chap, but rubber o-rings from the plumbing section at a hardware store is more practical. Using a condom is a very clever field expedient method. Improvise adapt, overcome!