Picture of Fix a dyson vacuum hose
This will show you how to fix a tear near the end of a Dyson vacuum hose.  I have the Dyson DC07 and it developed a tear near the business end of the hose after about 3 years.  The tear was so close to the end, I hated the thought of throwing the whole thing out when it looked like it should be really easy to fix.

The Dyson hose, when stored, hides up under a plastic sheath.  To remove it, you have to pull on the hose, which puts added stress on the hose and can result in tears as the hose ages.

I made a slight improvement as well.  Although it is a trade off, I also shortened the hose by a few inches so you can pull it out by grabbing the plastic end, instead of pulling the hose.

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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
You will need a flat head screwdriver, utility knife, super glue (epoxy, or other very strong plastic glue), and wire cutters.
pondy2 years ago
I could not budge the tabs and the screwdriver just damaged them. I decided on immersion in boiling water for 10 minutes before I broke them. And I succeeded with Step 1. So boil a kettle. In a heavy pan on a wide heat-resistant shelf pour in 3+ inches of boiling water and immerse the hose end. Ensure the whole thing is stable to avoid accident, and ensure the hose doesn't twist itself and flick scalding water. After 10 minutes take it out. Then with the screwdriver (avoid those with interchangeable heads, and select a smaller head rather than larger). Press on the part of the tab that is furthest from the hose. Once that end is below the plastic end the screwdriver is eased into the hole and the locking part of the tab follows. The opposite tab will just pop out as the hose is withdrawn. Dispose of the hot water safely. Keep children and pets away.
horatio_g2 years ago
I was following these instructions but for a DC04. The tabs on the DC04 are the same colour as the body of the cuff (purple in my case). Also, to release the cuff, you also have to press in the suction decrease button at the same time as pushing in the tab on the same side as this button. (I'm taking about the cicrcular suction reduction button here, not the semi-circular wand release button further down the cuff.) Its easiest to first press in the tab on the other side and work this tab slightly up the cuff towards the hose end. Then go back to the tab on the button side. Press the button and tab at same time before working tab, again, towards the hose end. The button is on the component that slides out of cuff with the hose. Hope that helps DC04 folks!
Jo62 years ago
Thanks for the advice. I've modified two steps.

Step 2 - to get the grey end off the hose/black plastic piece, just insert your flat-bladewd screwdriver parallel to the hose between the hose and the grey end. Then a gentle push towards the centre will release the black tab easily. Same the other side.

In Step 6, I've soaked the plastic end in the sticker removing liquid that you can buy (e.g. made by HG at £3.50 per bottle). This has made it easier to remove the glue without damaging the plastic end or myself too much. Be sure to wash it thoroughly after this before trying to use the superglue.

Once again- thanks.
espydell2 years ago
Thanks a bunch! This gave me the confidence to fix something that looked fixable. Like a previous commenter I was unable to pop the tabs in on the grey assembly. I tried to squeeze it in a table vise, but ended up submerging the whole business in boiling water for 5 minutes, squeezing it some more with no luck. Once it was hot though I was able to pry up the outside plastic from the bottom... sort of destroyed the tabs and their slots so once the glue dries I may be using some duct tape around the outside. Maybe the hot water trick from the start would have solved my problems.... I think in the end it will be fine. I included some pictures of what over worked tab slots look like

Thanks for the great instructions. You saved me cost of new vac. I was done in under an hour.

JohnB204 months ago

Thanks for the great instructions. I did this in about 5 minutes using super glue. Once I got the hose on the black piece I ran a bead of super glue around the edge and let it dry completely (about 2 minutes).

TimJH5 months ago

Thank you for this - very clear, very helpful, enabled me to get the job done without wrecking the machine!! Very grateful!

JamesH27 months ago

First off. Thank you. This has been very helpful and has made things quicker and easier.

Note 1,Another Option: Before this I tried the duct tape route, which really isn't worth the trouble but..., if you're feeling lazy I think the wide thin white pipe fitters tape would work nicely. I think you can get it a couple inches wide. It's water tight so we can only assume it's "air" tight. It's extremely thin and durable. You can start the wind by winding it over itself. When you pull it tight it binds to itself.

Duct tape prevents you from storing the brush extension pipe inside the hose. Some of the sticky part of the tape always seems to get through the tear in the hose.

Note 2 Black Tabs on inside Black Coupling: I put a flat head screwdriver bit in a vice gripe then aligned one tab to it and pushed down on the other tab with another screw driver and it popped right out. I don't have a dedicated vice grip but I do have a B&D Workmate. An extra set of hands would probably do the trick.

Note 3 Attaching the hose to the Inside Black Coupling: I realized, after I cleaned it out that it's a screw.. If I aligned the hose wire to the bottom groove of the coupling, I could slowly twist it on and pressure would hold it in place, since the hose is smaller in diameter than the plastic black coupling. I wouldn't trim the hose plastic too close to the wire.

I just thought these suggestions might help.

Thank you again,


archwayplus7 months ago

This is a very helpful tutorial, but whilst the preheating with boiling water in step 2 is a good idea, my attempt to separate the parts using this method was unsuccessful so I devised an alternative approach that worked better for me. In case others might be interested, my method of completing step 2 is as follows...

Use a vice to gently squeeze the plastic end piece into a slightly elliptical shape so that the vertical major axis of the ellipse provides more room for the tabs to move in. (The vice allows fine control of the amount of force used so, with care, there should be no risk of breakage.)

With one of the small black tabs now on top, align the flat bladed screwdriver with a slight lean along the direction of desired movement and give a gentle but sharp tap on the screwdriver with a small hammer. I found that this was enough to easily separate the parts.

I then followed the rest of the original tutorial.

I hope that helps.

Cried4No19 months ago

Just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU for this accurate, easy to follow instructable. The cost of a Dyson is extreme (but worth it). Temporary fix with duct tape was just that.."temporary." Going to follow your easy doable advice right now. Thanks again!!

I see that this has been up for a few years. I googled "how to fix vacuum hose" and this was the top hit and amazingly enough, it was for the type of vacuum I was trying to fix. I read through your instructions less than a hour ago, gathered a few tools, repaired the hose and am now extremely grateful for your time and effort in posting these instructions and pictures. It was a snap because of your effort. Thank you!

bluesky (author)  texaspanhandler10 months ago
Awesome! And thank you!

I'm happy to hear this worked so well.
JGJ1 year ago
This was excellent. Our DC07 Animal has had a faulty hose for a long time, taped up with Duct tape till it finally went. I've managed to get it 99% fixed, although getting the black connector out took a lot more than some of the 15 minutes successes noted here. The only problem I've had was re-fitting the hose to the connector. I can't get a complete metal ring round it. Is there a proper way of doing this that, in my general DIY ignorance, I've not managed to pick up on???
Great tutorial !! I hate to throw stuff away (and PAY for replacement) when it can still serve its purpose. The boiling did not work for me. Tried it twice. The boiling left with a little crack in the gray connector portion from the black button to the yellow button.
Here's what did work. I used an exacto knife that I heated via stove flame to carefully cut some of the black button out, from the lower portion of the black button - the portion closest to the hose. This work like a gem. I think those black buttons are just too big, too tight in the whole and perhaps shaped adversely, to be pushed through enough to release.
Thank you so much! Great tutorial. Definitely had to soak in boiling water to release hose. Can't wait to try it out after filter dries!
janne06192 years ago
Thanks for the very clear directions! i knew there was a way to fix it, but would have probably done more harm than good without your instruction. Thank you very much.
amacan2 years ago
Did this in about 15 minutes with no detectable damage to the tabs. I had to slightly work the plastic to get the tabs to disengage, but it worked overall. Saved the cost of a replacement hose, and got a nice smile from the wife. Always a good thing.
russtan2 years ago
This was my first attempt at an instructables repair and it worked a treat - the instructions were clear and easy to follow - thanks for taking the time to post them, it saved me from having to buy a whole new hose.

I also damaged the black tabs removing the hose from the grey assembly, but I used a bit of sugru to remould them and they seem to be holding up nicely.

bluesky (author)  russtan2 years ago

I'd love to see an instructable on how you replaced with sugru, since so it seems like everyone is having trouble with this step. How long did it take you?

I feel like there must be some trick to it, but glad to see you were able to replace it.
russtan bluesky2 years ago
I temporarily taped the hose to the attachment, then I just moulded some replacements tabs out of the sugru, which bonds to the original plastic underneath - I made them slightly proud to make sure they'll hold (as in the first two pics attached). It took very little time (less than 5 minutes).

If I need to repair the hose again the sugru can be cut away to release the hose and new tabs re-moulded.

I used the rest of the sugru to make a pad on the dyson's handle where I used to find the handle cut into my fingers when I was vacuuming. (pic 3)
quatso3 years ago
"Using the screw driver, push in on the first black tab until in clicks out of the hose end" - the tabs won't move a bit. i'm using a bit of force but the tabs form gets ruined a bit by the screw driver.
Braindekay3 years ago
Thanks for the info. I completed the task in about 15 minutes. Small amount of blood in attempting to remove the old glue but otherwise OK.
yankees20093 years ago
Tried to no end to get past step 1 without any success whatsoever. After 30 minutes of trying to get those tabs to pop ended up black taping the hose.

Cannot believe what garbage these Dyson vacuums are. Absolute junk.

I highly recommend anyone who is in the market to steer clear of these overpriced pieces of junk.
TommyTS4 years ago
thanks...worked great! I used epoxy instead of super glue -- the super glue dried too quickly before I could get the hose fully on.
Allfunktup4 years ago
I make a point of always buying pre-owned dyson's. I do this as they have a great servicing scheme where you can get a full service plus any replacement parts (even motor) included which costs £69. I got my current Animal free so the service seems like a small price to pay. Until I get the service, I will follow this guide for the hose though.
twocvbloke4 years ago
I'd have taken it to the dyson retirement home, aka the dump, cos that's where all dysons belong... :)
lemonie5 years ago
They're not good machines, far too much design over basic functionality. Nice instruction.

dchall85 years ago
Thanks for going to the trouble and taking pictures.  I'll bet this fix will save me serious money in the near future.  I would not have thought it could be fixed, so thanks. 

It would be nice if your pictures were more focused, but they do get the point across.