Step 2: Take the end of the hose assembly apart

Picture of Take the end of the hose assembly apart
This step is the most challenging, and based on others' experiences, the tabs are prone to breaking before coming off.  Others have overcome this using different techniques.  I've included some tips from the comments, but read through them below to get additional thoughts.

We need to disassemble the hose end first, to cut out the bad part of the hose.

Before you gather your tools, put some water on to boil, to help make this step easier.

First, submerge the hose end in hot water, up to and including the tabs, to soften the plastic and make everything a bit more flexible and workable.  Take a quick break, and let the hose soak for about 5-10 minutes.

Now, start by releasing the two black tabs on each side to release the hose.   Hold the hose end with the lock button on top and squeeze the sides to relieve pressure on the two black tabs.  Using the screw driver, push hard in on the first black tab, then rotate the screwdriver handle towards the open end of the hose, prying the tab out of the hole, until it clicks.  Turn the hose end over and repeat for the other side.  When the 2nd tab clicks out, the hose will easily release from the hose end.

Be very careful with the gray plastic business end.  There are two small springs that are used for putting tension on the yellow lock button.  With the hose separated, these springs are lose and can easily come out if you're not careful.  They are easy to put back in place if they do come out, but they're small and could easily be lost if you don't keep a close eye on them.

horatio_g3 years ago
I was following these instructions but for a DC04. The tabs on the DC04 are the same colour as the body of the cuff (purple in my case). Also, to release the cuff, you also have to press in the suction decrease button at the same time as pushing in the tab on the same side as this button. (I'm taking about the cicrcular suction reduction button here, not the semi-circular wand release button further down the cuff.) Its easiest to first press in the tab on the other side and work this tab slightly up the cuff towards the hose end. Then go back to the tab on the button side. Press the button and tab at same time before working tab, again, towards the hose end. The button is on the component that slides out of cuff with the hose. Hope that helps DC04 folks!