Fix a Sagging Table With an Old Bed Frame




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Introduction: Fix a Sagging Table With an Old Bed Frame

I recently picked up an IKEA table from a very nice craigslister. It was exactly what I wanted: simple, easy to haul, with a large work surface. The four legs thread into metal plates which are screwed to the bottom of the tabletop. The only issue was the sag of the unsupported top that had developed over its life under stacks of books and papers.

When I brought it home, I realized the perfect solution was waiting there:  a cheap metal bed frame that came along with a free mattress and bed spring from a previous craigslist adventure. The angle iron was perfect to add support the table top and the length was spot on.

I made a quick video of the process. Forgive the quality (low-light + iPhone).



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    This doesn't look like it was sagging very much. I have a corner piece of the same kind of IKEA table that basically failed completely, with about a 1" sag in the middle where my iMac sits. I'm debating whether adding an angle iron to the existing would help, or if I should just replace it with a new one and reinforce the new one with angle iron to prevent this from happening in the future.