Step 5: Enjoy your now flawless monitor!

Picture of Enjoy your now flawless monitor!
Enjoy your monitor without those annoying stuck pixels!

And as I said before, this will obviously only work on LCD monitors.
MrJLatino6 years ago
Hi, i have a question: can stuck pixels be fixed if they are all in a straight line that comes down across the screen? I m trying all these methods on my IMAC but its not working. Can you help me out?
As others have mentioned this is either a video card issue or bad/dying LCD column driver. The latter are not fixable (to the best of my knowledge.) while according to the poster above the former are a silent recall issue for the iMac.
I heard someone say to try moving a magnet piece near the stuck pixel..
T.T it didn't work I tried all the methods. That is one stubborn stuck pixel.
eggman7 years ago
wait, i see a flaw... its a mac
if you have ever used a mac you would know that if it dosent run an apple OS its not a computer NO EXCEPTIONS (except linux =3 )
phoenix20997 years ago
Ok, so i read this whole thing, and tried with no luck--- So my question is: Does this work on LCD HDTVs? I have a PS3 and got online with it, but couldn't get the applet to run. Oh and thanks for taking the time to do this!
Gendreavus7 years ago
Just out of curiosity, would this also work on my DS phat? I've got at least three stuck pixels on my top screen and one on the touch screen...should I bother trying, or could I just hurt it?
endolith7 years ago
"PS: If you don't already know, this will obviously only work on LCD monitors." Should be the first sentence in the Instructable; not the last.
Griobhtha7 years ago
Thanks for sharing this. I was able to correct my wife's laptop screen.