There's already some very nice tutorials on vintage radios, but I had a specific problem:  
  • the radio turns on
  • the radio makes noise, and gets louder with the volume knob
  • but turning the tuning knob does not move the needle or change the station
Fortunately this can be solved: we have to re-string the tuning knob.

Step 1: Disassembly 1: Remove Knobs

We need to get the radio open.

On these old radios, the last thing to go on was the knobs.

Therefore, the first step for us is to remove the knobs.

These knobs pull straight off; they aren't glued or screwed on.

Pictured: the offending tuner knob.  The inner knob is the AM/FM selector.  The translucent ring is the tuner.  You can see how it's toothed on the inside.
cool quite through. I like how you did more of an explanation & overview than a instructable on that specific model.
<p>I've got the same kind of radio at home :)</p>
<p>Great job.</p><p>There is a substance called varnish which works wonders for obtaining traction for dial strings and old rubber belts.</p><p>I have also been known to cut knurls on dial shafts to gain traction.</p>
<p>Bullfrog Snot (google it :)) may be very helpful with the string traction problem :)</p>
I think old fashioned braided Nylon fish line would work, along with some kind of &quot;Findings&quot; barrel clamp. I ended up working&nbsp;on an&nbsp;old all wood Tube Type Radio&nbsp;that stood about a foot, with f holes and big half circle Display on the front, curved sides, A beauty.! . That's what I planned to use if the original string snapped. I was more concerned by the wooden pulley wheels. One the size of a nickel had to make a 90. &quot;One of those - Hay-Bro - projects&quot;. He'd already gotten the string Twists &amp; Twurils diagram from R.C.A.? the original string went back on like stretching a 24' truck tire over a Bud wheel, or something. I was proud A' Myself and thanking Goodness that Every Thing Held (right)
Well done.
This is a very well done Instructable. Thanks for posting this.
adjustable capacitors are so cool. expensive too

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