Fix Busted Headphones Fast!





Introduction: Fix Busted Headphones Fast!

I broke my skullcandies again... 

This is the technique I have used on both sides, they're old hesh ones and though there's that lifetime warranty I like them this way more, like my ripped jeans and my falling apart bag...

This repair lasts indefinitely and it's tough, or perfect for a quick fix. It also saves the cables snapping before you fix them properly. 

Step 1: You'll Need

 - Tape
 - An old card, I used a Game card
 - Scissors
 - About two minutes

Step 2: Set the Bone Doc!

Set the headphones in to the original position, pretty easy on these because of the way the break. 

Step 3: Cut the Card

Cut the card in to four pieces

Step 4: First Splint

Cut a piece of tape and stick the first piece of the card to it. 

Use it as a splint, the key is wrapping the tape really tight. 

Step 5: Repeat.

Add splints, remembering to wrap the tape tight. 

Step 6: Now Be Funny.

One side says "It's designer tape I swear ;-o" 

This is parcel tape chic this time.



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    I like how you said "again". My SK Ti's have broken about 9 times now, I'm surprised i haven't killed the wires yet.

    Aye, though the little extenders in the Hesh are way too fragile... This fix has been working for months now... I was pretty lucky with wires but they seem to be less crappy in Sk's for some reason...

    Not the case with my old FMJs, that was that pairs second and final fail :/

    Good stuff *thumbs up*

    Cheers, eventually they will have nothing original in the structure knowing me...

    Oh I forgot to mention one of the sides of my skulls candies have broke.... But itsseems to be a wire problem.Can you fix that at all?

    Ahhh dont have any or a soldering pen:/
    I should take them back.. "REFUND"

    Actually they have a lifetime warranty, just find the appropriate address etc. for skull candy repairs, it'll be free but maybe have to pay shipping...