Fix for DODOCase VR Kit Push Buttons Issue





Introduction: Fix for DODOCase VR Kit Push Buttons Issue

This is another fix for the push buttons problem in the dodocase vr kit.

This was made at the dodocase october build night at cairo hackerspace .

First you should find your problems , our problem here is that the cell phone is large and the cardboard is bushing the power button and the volume buttons.

Step 1: Making the Holes

Find the areas in the cardboard that make the problem and cut a hole with the exact same size of your cell phone's button size.

Make sure it is the same size as the button and not bigger hole so you don't break your cardboard.

Step 2: Enjoy Without Experience ;)



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    May be a virtual restaurant with a virtual smell , haha

    Awesome fix! It's great to see how people can improve a product in different ways!

    Thanks, I happy you liked it :)

    Or you can make it from a pizza box ;)

    This is great! I'd love to hear a little more explanation on how you did this!

    I will edit it today , Thanks :)