Picture of Fix for tangling embroidery thread
Hey there! Do you dye your own embroidery thread? Does it tangle? Well, I have a solution for you. I came up with this before I went out of town for a weekend and I wanted to share it with my community of DIYers. :) So here goes. 
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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
For this instructable you'll need the following items:
-Old empty gift card
-Coin (to round the corners)
-The thread you want to keep tangle-free

Step 2: Step Two

Picture of Step Two
photo 4.JPG
photo 5.JPG
Grab your gift card and fold it in half, making sure the two halves are even. Bend it back and forth a few times. This will make it easier to cut it. You'll want to bend it back and forth until the crease in the middle turns white. 

Step 3: Step Three

Picture of Step Three
photo 2 (2).JPG
Now take your coin and draw around it on all four corners, making sure you're careful when you cut. 

Step 4: Step Four

Picture of Step Four
photo 4 (1).JPG
Cut a slit in the bottom of the card. 

Step 5: Step Five

Picture of Step Five
photo 1 (2).JPG
photo 2 (1).JPG
You can also cut your card into a spool. I like the spool for storage-I keep embroidery thread in an old peanut butter jar for easy transporting because I like to make bracelets on the go. The shape demonstrated in the last step is best for dying thread. What I do is take white thread (every pack you buy gives you a lot of white!) and wind it around my card then dye it. It somehow tangles itself into a big messy bird's nest while in the dye. I like to dye my own thread because it's fun to make my own variegated colors. Thanks for checking this Instructable out and happy DIYing! :) 

I've made these from cardboard, but never thought to use old plastic cards. This is a fantastic idea :D