Fix IPhone, IPad, IPod Frayed Cords W. PlastiDip





Introduction: Fix IPhone, IPad, IPod Frayed Cords W. PlastiDip

If you've used a data or power cord for long enough you might run into some cracking or fraying around the end points. I've seen some products out there to prevent this but I'm not about to use them. 

I got my first can of PlastiDip the other day, knowing that I will find cool uses for it. I got a paper clip and gently painted the cracked portions of my iPhone cord with this stuff, overlapping some. It seems to dry completely in a couple hours.

There also seems to be a little shrinkage that occurs when it does dry. This didn't bother me any. I just applied a little extra. One the one end I had to give it two coats. 

It does come in several different colors. I think white is one of them. And while that might have looked a little cleaner on this project my main concern was functionality. And I already had the black. Heck, maybe this color-coding of the ends will help distinguish the cable as mine and not someone else's. 



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This "fix-it" is just what I need. Why is the video "Private"?

I did the same thing about 2 months ago using a similar product from Porformix called : Liquid tape, aka Liquid electrical tape. Try to find the "clear: kind, looks nicer. I had to use black. brushed several coats on and took it a couple inches down the cord for better protection and strain relief.

Glad you brought this up.


yeah Porformix makes both plasti dip and Liquid electrical tape. good call on the clear