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Ok, this is really simple and it worked for me and my Linksys WiFi. 2 step is all it takes to explain to anyone how to fix this common problem.

Step 1: Find Your Router

Picture of Find Your Router
Find you router. This is pretty simple but good luck anyway.
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LeslieH44 months ago

Thank you so much, hours of screaming at Spark that they had changed the DNS, to no avail, hours of scouring the Apple webs, the bin was calling. But thanks to you 'pleb1' all sorted. No router resets, no deleting and adding accounts, no going through Apps, you are truly a blessing.

SGG18 months ago

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QuinnI SGG17 months ago

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prunes5 years ago
I found with the IPhone and IPod touch, both of which I have tried with multiple routers seems to be the DHCP DNS information doesn't get put into the device. so what I have been doing to fix it is putting in manual DNS settings you can use or (Google DNS servers)
Robotika prunes5 years ago
I was having problems with connecting after we had blackouts occur. After putting in I've finally been able to connect again. So thank you for this! :)
 how do you put it in
Go to settings, network, wi-fi. Under "choose a network", pick the one you are using and hit the blue arrow. Then you can select DHCP, scroll down to DNS and select DNS and then  you can put in the setting. I put in and that worked out well for me.

I hope that description helped. :)
how do u go to the blue arrow it doesnt show up on mine
Hey, thanks a lot!  I have been struggling with this for a day now and just happened to find this website.  Your instructions did the trick.  Thanks so much!!!! 
Yay! I am glad it worked out for you. Nothing worse than getting a headache trying to get things to work. Thanks to Prunes, again, for suggesting those settings.
thank you so much this worked like a charm
idid that, & its STILL not working . im becoming impatient with my iPod, can u plz help me out ?? PLEASE, idk wat to do . ):
mgonzales53 years ago
I tried resting my router it worked for like 3 minutes i got connected but it jst kicks me off i jst cant stay conected to my wifi??????
YAMAMA2103 years ago
I have an Ipod touch that won't connect to my 2wire network. I have an at&t router & I've tried reseting everything. Nothing works. It keeps telling me "incorrect password". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
luvit4 years ago
dear sir, i regret to ask you to immediately remove those pictures, because i;m curious.
mcrater4 years ago
Aw man Thanx man i feel soryy for those people who still trying to connect their ipods man YOU ARE THE BEAST!!
imichelle4 years ago
hi where exactly do i put ? right beside DNA? or under the HTTP proxy under server, port or authentication. sorry... thanks!!
okay i had the same problems all u do is get in an area were u have the most wifi. ur location ur at is not getting enough signal or ur connection for ur ntwork is low. if that dos not work reboot the ipod. if this helped letme know.
jpugh934 years ago
I was so frustrated and was messing with my ipod touch for so long.. Tried everything.. Ended up coming across the bluetooth menu and my bluetooth was off. So I turned it on and it connected right away! Try it! It might be the problem!
pleb14 years ago
Sorry guys, still NOT connected....
pleb14 years ago
My iPod Touch Wouldnt connect to my new n dualband TALKTALK wifi modem/router. My iMac connected, no problem. The touch said my password was incorrect.
The Touch was incorrect. Repeatedly.
The comment by "PRUNE" sorted me out. I used CONNECTED!!!
it didn't work nothing i do works .. it just comes up with unable to connect to big pond wireless connection ____ :( what do i dooo
novakfor35 years ago
Remove pictures please.
Boredness5 years ago
ok i got home and tried connecting my ipod to the sever. its connected but says sever not connected or something like that. i tried syncing alot, reset all settings a couple of times and even reset network settings a couple of times and i also resetted my router AND STILL AINT CONNECTING!!! And it still haves the signal up but wont connect. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! >:(
taco bell5 years ago
i selected my network and put in the password and it said "unable to join the network "linksys" " what do i do now?
DnOS boi5 years ago
I did everything you said, and my Ipod still isnt connecting.
It recognises my wifi, I put in the password and says that I'm connected but when i try to use Safari it just says can't connect.
What Do I Dooooo!!??
zimm7235 years ago
what do i do if it doesnt even show any networks and my wifi is working on all my computers
You should be wary, pushing the reset button on some routers, will cause them to reset back to "factory" settings, and blow away any routing/firewall policies you have in place. Check w/ your "Admin" before doing this.
Cool idea. I will try this is it happens to my iPod touch that I might get soon, and you should post your own pictures though. It's better to have some than none though.
ROMOVE THE PICS!!!! Joking :D Nice tutorial helped me, my jailbroken touch didn't connect to wifi so I reseted my router and SUCSESS!!!
alo0395 Ja2Pc5 years ago
 how did you jail break your ipod? 
What Ipod do you have now.
iPod video, 30GB. It's screwed up, the battery needs to be replaced.
Hey, I know how to fix Ipod Video battery's, if you want I can make an Instructable on how to do it. By the way I have a Second Generation Ipod Nano
Please post an Instructable, that would be GREAT help. Websites only show selling it!
Sure, I'll get right on it!
First, I will probably post an instructacle for how to replace your Ipod Nano battery.
Yah, make an instructable for that. This website doesn't have to many iPod helps on it :(
nepheron (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
I was feeling lazy
Warlrosity5 years ago
Nice... but, what if your wi-fi has a passcode?
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