Jeep Cj-7's and early wrangler YJ's with 4.2 liter engines came with a rather lowsy carter bbd carburetor which of goes out fo adjustment. One of the most common problems with this carburetor is an erratic idle; in extreme cases (as it was with my jeep) the vehicle will stall every time you slow down or stop.

This instructible gives an easy fix for this problem which will make the carburetor operate as well (or at least close to as well) as it did when it was new and can be done in 30 minutes to an hour with the carb on the vehicle and with only minimal tools and a can of aerosol carburetor cleaner.

This process should work for about nine out of ten people with this problem, and if it doesn't work for you, it probably means that you need to do a complete carburetor rebuild.

Note: this is my first instuctable so give me some slack, and I will try to add more pictures/videos soon.

Step 1: Gather Tools

All you really need for this project are some basic tools, and a can of carburetor cleaner .

You need:

1. Flat head screw driver
2. 3/16" wrench or driver
3. 1/4" wrench or ratchet
4. Pliers
5. Carburetor cleaner (not shown; any brand from an auto part store should work)
6. Air compressor with 'blowgun" attachment. (not required but highly recommended)
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
<p>This is great. Do you if there are some step by step instuctions available to set the choke back the way it should be after taking it apart for an 87 Jeep wrangler.</p>
<p>Will this work with an aftermarket carb? My jeep was running perfect for a month. Today, out of the blue it wont idle, even if im driving and hold in the clutch it shuts off. It will only stay running if im giving it gas</p>
<p>Outstanding! This was exactly the info I needed to get my son's Jeep back to running condition.</p>
Alright everyone, take this from me...when reattaching your choke (specifically the nut that is on the side toward the engine) DO NOT try to make it too tight. I thought mine had another turn or half a turn, but no, sadly the top snapped off and I was left with an extremely hard situation. Take this into account when fixing it. I was literally on the last step of putting it back together and this set me back hours and $$$... sucks.
Great Instrucible and it worked for me. Quick fix with danlab's great guidence. Thanks from Minnesota and my 84 CJ7! The stalling was driving me crazy!!!
I converted to a Motorcraft 2100 with this same problem. Any chance for a similar write up on that carb?
Man Please...!!! I have a '83 CJ7 that is doing exactly what you described. You will not believe the time and money I have spent trying to fix it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your instructable. You are &quot;da man&quot;...!!!! Thank you very much...!!!<br><br>
THANK YOU! Been messing with my jeep for weeks, and this fixed the problem, Very nice instructions
Thank you SOOO much! This fixed my stalling problem on my 85 cj7 perfectly!! Great write-up and great pics! I can enjoy driving again instead of worrying about stalling in an intersection.
Have an 84 CJ7 Renegade that stalled about half the time when slowing down to stop-really ticks you off when it does this. Not one stall since performing the venturi cleaning..saved me a lot of money and headaches--GREAT JOB!!!!
Thank you, I have a Jeep cj7 1979, and these instructions have to fix my problem 100%.
&nbsp;My first car was a Gremlin with the same engine / carb setup. &nbsp;I hated the Carter Carb! &nbsp;I wish I had this instructable back then. &nbsp;Nice job.
hi I have tried this on my 1984 cj7 and it worked good , my jeep sat for several years and this helped it idle much better , I still need to tweak a few things and burn out some of the old gas in it , but this did help out thank you martin

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