I love Instructables because I am always getting inspired to share my ideas or trick.

The Fix It Contest was no exception.

I currently line in a home that was built in 1957 (the same year I was born)  and like me, some things are just getting old and having issues.

We have a very functional kitchen with lots of cabinets but occasionally a hinge here or there will become loose due to a stripped screw hole.

I am going to show you how to do a quick, easy and inexpensive fix for this problem.

Step 1: The Tools and Supplies

Tools needed:
Utility knife

Supplies needed:
Toothpicks (round or flat) or bamboo skewers
Glue (wood glue or white glue)

The screwdriver head should match the type of screw you have (normally a flat or slotted head or a Philips head)
Your way would work as well but my kitchen has about a million cabinet doors (ok, I exaggerate a bit) and if I moved one hinge I would have move them all to match to keep a happy home life! Have a great day and thanks for the comment.
The way I used to "fix" this is moving the hinge down/up on the door then cover (makeup) the holes. This is a cool and fast way to fix those loose screws on wood. Thanks!
Cool. Thanks!
Thank you for the kind words and the patch.<br><br>If you are in an older home it seems like there is always something that needs fixing or your attention.<br><br>Have a great day!<br><br>Thom aka SDBigGuy in San Diego

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