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We all hate hearing "hey, your barn doors open" and then realizing the embarrassing state after... with low rise jeans, the feat of the zipper staying up is almost impossible! Now with a bit of ingenuity, and those awesome bands, you can do this!!

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What youll need

jeans with a zipper that wont stay up
a rubber band, bracket band, rainbow loom band, small elastic, the possibilities are endless!!!

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I had to show this on a larger scale, so I used a bel and a hairbinder. Take your band and thread it through the end of the zipper tag, then follow the picture for the knot, then take the band and stretch it around your button!! as good as done!!


b1tbang3r (author)2014-11-02

Very nice! Beats trying to replace the whole thing or breaking it while trying to carefully squeeze the sides of the zipper tighter with pliers.

BLR_RAVI (author)2014-09-22

simple yet intellegent idea to solve the common issues ..great..

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-21

Nice fix! Thanks for sharing!

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