Fix the Dell OLOD (Orange Light Of Death)

video Fix the Dell OLOD (Orange Light Of Death)
If you have a Dell pc that won't turn on, Chances are that you have a power supply problem. Most of the time the power light will be flashing

Step By Step:
(Disconnect all cables, Inc the power)
1. Open the case of your Dell Pc
2. On the power supply box (top right) find the GREEN wire
(The green wire will almost always be the power switch on all Pc's)
3. Cut it at around the middle
4. Strip Both Ends
5.Find a long enough piece of wire that will reach to the front of the pc
6. Solder the GREEN wires back together but putting your seperate peice of wire inbetween them
7. Tidy them up with zip ties and shrink tubing (Electrical Tape if not)
8. Plug the power cable into the pc
9. Hold the wire onto the chassis of the pc
10. If the fans start at full speed, press the power button and let the wire off
11. your pc should be running as normal.
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@g daily 1: am so grateful for solution cuz it did really work like magic.

@g daily 1: am so grateful for your solution cuz it did really work. You are a genius

Shahid13327 days ago

my pc dell optiplex 745 is blinking orange colour when i power on it .its fan is also running what should i do

femsyn1 month ago

@gdaily1, it worked like charm... thanks!

VickiO11 month ago

Thank you so much gdaily1!!! You are a lifesaver! Your suggestion about holding the power button while plugging in the power cord worked! I have a Dell Inspiron and it worked for me! Thanks again.

MuhammadN32 months ago

the probrem is MOSFET in CPU regulator are short, change with new one.. the probem 100% fixed

gdaily13 years ago
If I understand you correctly, the problem is that when you turn on the Dell PC the power button is illuminated AMBER and the power supply fan runs at high speed, and the computer will not boot.

There is an easier fix for this problem: Unplug the power cord from the back of the PC. Press and HOLD the power button on the PC while you plug the power cord into the back of the PC.

I am an IT specialist in a facility with approximately 1200 Dell Optiplex PCs. I have "fixed" a number of these computers with this same problem.
VicenteL gdaily13 months ago

I tried this already. When I press the power button, the fans start, then stop,

and the amber light stays on. the "test" button on the back of the pc lights green, makes the fan turn at full speed, but once you let go, It will turn off. Sometimes, if I hold that button, then press the Power button, the fans will stay on, but the light will remain amber, and no boot. I am IT Specialist as well, even took the PC apart, but still no clue what it could be. (tried different power cords, power outlets, nothing connected but the power cord, etc.) I even tried 3 different buildings (remote sites), and still no luck.

Dell wants me to call, and "troubleshoot" before they can replace it, since it's a NEW pc!!!!

DipayanM gdaily13 months ago

I will be so ever grateful to you for providing this fix. We had to send back our first one from our company because the technician told us the motherboard was corrupt and the system was still under warranty. 1 week downtime and hours of backlogged work. The second one did the same thing today. Being the only electrical engineer in this company, it was up to me to figure out the problem. 5 minutes of search, I see your solution. Fixed!

Thank you so much!

OAKESEY gdaily13 months ago

Hi i am having the exact same problem, i tried your fix the fan from the power supply comes on for 1 second then turns off. Been trying every type of fix out there with nothing that works. Do you think it could be a bad power supply or Mother board ?

gdaily1, I tried your soloution on my Dell Optiplex 745 and it didn't work. Anything else I should try?

rtrg gdaily12 years ago
Does NOT work on either board. On board 1 no fan turn. On board 2 fan TRIES to turn, cannot break magnet pull. Rotating by hand does NOT help. Is this a sign that the boards are BAD? Cannot return them as they are used and the seller will not accept them. He stated they came from working towers. PLEASE RESPOND with more fixes.
rtrg gdaily12 years ago
DELL mobo 4H665. Will NOT power up with only the power switch, fan, and PSU connected. GREEN led on power board 1 does NOT light, on #2 ORANGE blinking. Fan does not turn on either. Will this trick work on this board. There is NO GREEN wire in the 24 pin connector. Only ONE PURPLE wire. Is that the same as the GREEN?
You are SO awesome! I tried it and it worked! Oh my gosh! Usually it's some terrible news, but it worked! Thanks!
Wow. Had this very problem and followed this easy procedure. It worked!!!! Thanks so much. I was freaking out. I never respond in forums btw. That's how happy I am that this worked.
Sometimes at my school, we have had dell computers that don't turn on at all because the USB was shorted so it was a simple fix just to lever the bent pins off the USB shell and then the PC's started as normal ;) (BTW I'm only 13 and have fixed many computers at my school)
curtisg890 (author)  gdaily13 years ago
the fans do not work at all when you press the power button! nothing happens... the fans only come on when i forcibly add power to the Power Unit and then press the power button to make it turn on
Jenelako3 months ago

wala po ba video nito.tnx sa mga sasagot

Jenelako3 months ago

panu po ba yun green wire

ShakeelI4 months ago

THANKS MR.gdaily1 your method is working good.

saqibbbbbbbb7 months ago

I Try this but no effect. i have dell 745 system.

saqibbbbbbbb7 months ago

I Try this but no effect. i have dell 745 system.

saqibbbbbbbb7 months ago

I Try this but no effect. i have dell 745 system.

chemteach11 year ago

Your instructions make no sense...are you on drugs?

gorilakhan1 year ago
Hi, i have same problem my dell optiplex 745, i done these step by step points. but unfortunately when i am on the point no. 10. i press the power button system is start then i shut down and remove the wire. then again start the pc. but nothing heppens. now its completly on sleep. when i tried to remove power cable then put it again and turn on power button nothing heppen. on mobo the orange light is on. but system won't start. any suggetions??? please help me...
ziarehman1 year ago
PLEASE help me i have dell 745 i also have this issue in my case amber light is solid
and i cant really understand the point 5 and onward in above fix.......
susej11 year ago
I have followed the steps you shared but after 9, I make the green wire "extension" to touch the PC chassis and the fan turns on and then after pressing the power button the fan stops and the blinking light appears again... any other advice?
btw thanks so much for sharing this solution steps!
lm21 year ago
I had the same issue with my OPTIPLEX 745... instead of cutting and soldering, i held a lighter to the green wire, melted the plastic a bit, then scraped it off to expose the wire, wrapped another wire around the exposed green wire, followed your instructions, and it worked for me as well. i am on it now and so happy, I wanted to post feedback. It did actually take about 3 power on and off cycles, but I have now shut down and restarted a few times successfully. Thanx for the post!! ( I used electrical tape to cover the exposed green wire when done)
Flymom122 years ago
Gdaily1, Thank you!! Thank you!! I thought I was on my way to buy a new computer for my kids until I tried your power cord and power button idea. IT WORKED!!! Thank you!!!
It's a dell optiplex gx 60
Please the video is not active.Thanks. My Dell system is still blinking orange. Thanks
i agree with uberdum05,usb shorting out,i unplugged mine from inside pc,then it started up fine
lemonie3 years ago

You are telling us that these Dell machines have a faulty power-on button?
Why not just replace the button?

curtisg890 (author)  lemonie3 years ago
Because its not the button thats the problem, its the power supply or the motherboard

You are not doing anything to fix the power supply or the motherboard (and you aren't even sure which one you think it is...).
Connecting a wire to GND is a switching operation, that's very most likely exactly what the power-on button is supposed to do, isn't it?


curtisg890 (author)  lemonie3 years ago
i'm not trying to fix them, i dont particually want to either. i just found this method to bypass the problem.

yeah thats probibly what it does but i dont know that much about newer computers, only about the older ones which are much simpler to work on. i wouldnt know where to start if i was actually trying to properly repair it :P

I'm similar, I've got just one surface-mounted transistor screw-drivered on a really nice Gigabyte board - whole thing is 'ked...

The power-on button runs THROUGH THE MOTHERBOARD, to the supply...

This informative, if kludgy, hack bypasses the motherboards power-on fault issue.
Turning it into a direct-power switch, similar to old AT power supplies.

One thing to watch out for... after a few weeks to months of running this way, the failing capacitor on the motherboard(the most likely cause of the original problem) may let out the magic smoke. At that point, a re-cap job will be needed. Consequently, the grounding wire to case will no longer be required.
curtisg890 (author)  ironsmiter3 years ago
i has been like that for around 2/3 months so far, i made the video because i had to replace the switch.
mischka3 years ago
I have a Dell notebook and since the batterie is broken its flashing yellow... Dont know how to fix it without changing the batterie, which I dont really need.
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