Step 2: The Suspected Cause

Picture of The Suspected Cause

So, knowing what I've written, you ask yourself, "Self, if the 360 is baking its processors to the point that they'd separate, why aren't the heatsinks holding them tightly to the main board?" That's a very bright observation!

The problem is pictured below (the second image, silly). Those two X-shaped pieces of metal are what try to hold the heatsinks onto the CPU and GPU. Problem is, they aren't springy enough to do the job. The heatsinks have a tiny amount of wiggle room and the motherboard is free to warp from heat. That prohibits proper heat dissipation and allows the processors to break away from their connections. I blame bad design from Microsoft's need to get the 360 out before the PlayStation 3. But now isn't the time for blame. I bet you're about ready to buy one of those Blu-Ray players that come with gaming functionality.

So now we've determined that those "X-Clamps" need to go. The next step lists parts needed.

my xbox did get caught on fire (by an idiot who lit a candle and went to sleep) so i replaced the parts i neede to (disc drive) and swapped the pcb from mine to the new one to avoid a flash being needed, turned it on and guess what happened after about two mins of running? says it was overheating, then it red ringed three lights:( hopefully your 'ible will help so i dont need a new one(fire voids the warranty i think lol, don't have to worry about messing it up really, got a working one for $40 but would be nice to fix my old one.(in case of another incident)
igarcia84 years ago
This was from a long time ago, I see. Calling PS3 a blu-ray player with gaming functionality doesn't work now.
You are right! Now it is a Blu-ray player with not much gaming functionality on a crappy network that is no good for playing online and even worse for security. I would NEVER buy another PS3 EVER!!!!
Got a wii, xbox360, ps3 ps2, and psp, I don't give a crap who thinks which system is best, I love them all.. True gamer!
Spot on!
kevin711277 years ago
haha! bill gates
actually bill gates had nothing to do with the xbox francise kevin
kachup5 years ago
People pay a lot of money to have to go through this, the right thing to do would've been to recall them all, it is a technical fault not wear and tear after all.