Step 6: Drill bigger holes

Picture of Drill bigger holes

To use those 5MM machine screws, you'll need to widen the 8 screw holes in the metal case that previously secured the X-clamp posts. They are highlighted in the second photo.

To widen them, use a 3/16 inch drill bit with a drill press or hand drill. If you're using a hand drill, set a wooden block under each hole as you drill it to avoid warping the case. If you're using a drill press as I did there should be a steel pedestal with a hole for the drill bit to pass through, saving the case from serious FUBAR-age.

Have the bit spinning before you push into the center of the hole. Repeat this for all the holes. Make sure there are no burrs left on the holes or shards kicking around in the case afterwards. Bang it around a few times to get them out. The last thing you'd want is to have your 360 die from little pieces of metal shorting it out.

Mstocker5 years ago
drilling a hole is a nice way to do this, i tried doing that the first time i fixed a RROD, but honestly, i would just suggest getting screws that will fit through the motherboard and are short enough to just screw in and thats it. i always put my screws on underneath the metal casing, makes it easier to take apart if you ever need to. plus ive found it unnecessary to even use metal washers. just get big enough nylon ones and youll be good to go. good post though.
I don't have a drill press or hand drill, but I do have a hand electric drill and plenty of different bits, would this be ok to use for widening the holes?

Lmao, I have the same drill press, only difference is mine is coated with corrosion inhibiting oil on the metal surfaces to keep it nice and shiny. Good sheeaht! Go Harbor Freight!!!! Yea! XD

scottrod6 years ago
Where do I find 5 x 8mm screws? Can't find them at any local hardwared store or compter store.
Commonly known as #10 machine screws.
EpycFyre5 years ago
Once you've drilled the holes, if you take a much larger drill bit and twist it with your hand as if drilling the holes bigger into the case, you will effectively clean out the hole of any burrs and cleaning it nice and purty.
A "Step Drill" bit is a very good solution for widening existing holes in sheet metal, and much more affordable than a drill press. The design of the bit keeps it centered in the hole as you drill.

Available cheap from Harbor Freight, and a bit less cheap from Home Depot / Lowe's / etc.
As someone who can't afford a drill press (plus, I live in an apartment) your suggestion is a lifesaver!  Thank you!
crd226 years ago
The picture is a little misleading. All you need is a hand drill with the correct bit, not an industrial size drill press. Plus the piece of wood underneath is recommended.
K.hall867 years ago
putting a piece of scrap wood underneath will help on the press too because it gives the bit something to keep cutting, giving a more clean hole once drilled...